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Linode Now Supported on Cloudkick



Linode is pleased to have been selected by Cloudkick as their newest supported provider.

Cloudkick is an award-winning utility for efficient cloud server management; leveraging technologies such as the Linode API, their Web 2.0 application unites easy administration, detailed server health monitoring, and automated alerts to make a busy administrator’s life all that much simpler.

You may remember full libcloud support for Linode that we announced in September. It has been our privilege to work with the Cloudkick and libcloud teams to bring Linode support to an eager clientele. Cloudkick offers a 30-day trial on all of their plans, and they also have a free developer plan to get started.

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    Cloudkick did offer free trial services, and I was going to try it — even though my Linode has had a 100% uptime. I mean, why not. I was just going to check it out.

    But considering that their cheapest monitoring service costs 5 times as much as my Linode, I think I’ll pass.

    Shark. Jumped. RIP.

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    I have to agree with Ryan. As much as I would love a service for monitoring, etc, it seems like this is more geared towards clients who have a cluster of dedicated servers, rather than VPS’s.

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    “The Developer plan is FREE forever and includes: unlimited basic monitors [Ping, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH], 1 user, 1 week data retention, email alerts, wiki support”

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    I use Cloudkick to do some monitoring of our production site on EC2 and linode for our staging env @ the moment. I’ve been using their free plan for 5 months and it works great. If nothing else it delivers free text messages to my cell (setup with Gmail) when a server drops. Gotta love that.

    Also they’re a start-up progressing quickly so new features are rolling out often.

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    * and will be looking at integrating with my staging env on linode

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    Here it says “FREE for the first 30 days”

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    FYI it now says free forever. I just signed up for an account. Seems kinda neat. =)

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    Where is the API key they are asking for hidden away on our account settings? 🙂

  9. Christopher Aker

    @Cio “my profile” top right corner

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