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BlogLinodeLinode at 17: A bunch of updates

Linode at 17: A bunch of updates


Linode turns 17 today! My sincere thanks to the entire Linode team, who work hard to support each other, and you – our customers. As we’ve done in past years, we want to celebrate with a few updates…

This year’s updates are based on input from you, our customers and community members, and include DNS rendering time improvements, larger Dedicated CPU instances, High Memory plans go dedicated, and managed Kubernetes availability in all regions*.

DNS Manager – Rendering Time Improvements

When you add or change DNS zones or records, your changes will now be reflected at our authoritative nameservers in under 60 seconds. This is down from the previous “every quarter hour” approach that we had for so long. This should make life much easier for those needing faster changes reflected out into the world, like when doing Terraform deployments and other scenarios.

Linode’s DNS Manager service is included free, and is served by over 100 any-casted POPs all around the world.

New Larger Dedicated CPU Instances

Last year we doubled the storage on Dedicated CPU instances, and we’re continuing to expand this instance class with three new monster plans: Dedicated 128GB, Dedicated 256GB, and Dedicated 512GB. Check out the plan lineup for more information.

Dedicated instances are optimized for workloads where consistent performance is required or where full-duty work (100% CPU all day, every day) is required. This includes build boxes, CI/CD, video encoding, machine learning, game servers, databases, data mining, and busy application servers. Get started with a Dedicated CPU.

High Memory plans upgraded to Dedicated Cores

Our High Memory Plans, which previously ran on shared CPUs, will now run on 100% dedicated CPU cores. This means better performance and resource utilization for supporting your high-performance databases, in-memory caches, and real-time big data processing. This upgrade remains at the same pricing.

If you’re an existing user of a high memory plan, you’ll be given the option to upgrade to dedicated cores. Get started with a High Memory instances.

Linode Kubernetes Engine Reaches Global Availability

Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) was recently released as an easy and simple way to build your infrastructure using managed Kubernetes. Over the past few weeks, we have expanded the footprint of LKE to serve each of our global markets*.

If you’re exploring Kubernetes as part of your deployments, LKE fits into your existing Linode infrastructure and can be deployed via Cloud Manager, API, or CLI. It also comes with a complimentary Kubernetes control plane – including API, scheduler, etcd, and resource controllers. Create a cluster now.

* Please note LKE is not currently available in our Atlanta data center pending a planned upgrade of that facility.

What’s Coming Next

  • Additional Object Storage deployments (next up is Singapore) and features (fine-grained ACLs, Let’s Encrypt / bring your own SSL cert support)
  • More Cloud Manager UI/UX refinements (good stuff)
  • NodeBalancer improvements (PROXY protocol, Let’s Encrypt certs)
  • Atlanta Upgrades
  • Private VLANs beta
  • Bare Metal Linodes beta
  • Managed Databases (MySQL to start with) beta
  • Networking and fleet stability and performance improvements have been the top priority for us since January. About 25% of our fleet has received these updates, with the remaining rollouts happening soon.

We appreciate you and your business every day and look forward to serving you as we head into year 18. Thank you.


Comments (28)

  1. Author Photo

    I’m looking forward to the Bare Metal beta. Hopefully, you can upload your own raw disk images or have them downloaded for you, and perhaps, support for UEFI rather than Bios booting only. Depending on the pricing, I may get one to see how it goes!

    As always, great updates from Linode, and a wonderful company it is!

    • Author Photo

      Thanks for the kind words! Your wishlist for our Bare Metal offering has been noted, and we’ll post more details here on the blog as they become available.

  2. Author Photo

    Great! Happy birthday! Any update on Cloud Firewalls?

    • Author Photo

      Cloud Firewalls are in the works! Keep watching this blog for updates because we’ll announce here when it’s ready for beta.

  3. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday Linode ! Love you guys XO

  4. Author Photo

    Happy birthday Linode! I’m also looking forward to the Cloud Firewalls and Private VLANs.

  5. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday !!!
    may you specify “Atlanta Upgrades” please ?
    exactly what kind of upgrades ?
    Atalanta for example still does not have Block Storage.
    kind regards, and Congrats on all your achievements !!!

    • Author Photo

      Thanks, Randall! We’re planning on launching Block Storage and other new services in Atlanta, hopefully over the next several months! We’ll be sure to post here on the blog as updates on these upgrades become available.

  6. Author Photo

    Nice! Looking forward to managed databases, though looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer, slight bummer — hopefully PostgreSQL is planned.

    • pwoods

      Have no fear, Managed Databases are still planned for this year. As this article mentions, we’ll be starting with MySQL, though Postgres is also on our agenda. There’s been a lot of work going into this, which we’ll be sure to announce here on the blog when there’s more to share.

  7. Author Photo

    Wishing you a very happy birthday, team Linode!

  8. Author Photo

    Solid improvements. However, the question everybody wants to know is: WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO BRAZIL??

    Seriously guys. Come take our money. We need a Linode datacenter in Sao Paulo. For, like, yesterday.

    • pwoods

      Hey Felipe! There’s nothing to announce about Brazil, though we have been looking into a possible South America data center. If anything comes from this research, we’ll be sure to let you know by posting it to our blog.

      • Author Photo

        Thank you. Also, as a customer, let me tell you we have no problem whatsoever in paying more. Please dont think you have to offer the same services for the same price in Brazil. You don’t.

        AWS does exactly the same. The Sao Paulo datacenter costs more than US ones.

        Also, they still charge us in USD (which is terrible, but anyways, we can live with it). We just need a local datacenter for better latency.

        • Author Photo

          A data center in Brazil is the fifth most popular order in a major Linode competitor. Arrive early, we will be happy to welcome you! 🙂

  9. Author Photo

    Any chance of a managed VPN service, either for users or site-to-site? We currently run openvpn on each of our systems to let us access management ports or let the systems access our on-premise puppetserver, but it would be nice to not have to deal with that.

    • pwoods

      Hi Yehuda – Thanks for the suggestion. While there’s nothing to announce for managed VPN services, I’ve passed this along to our team to look into.

  10. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday Linode ! Love team Linode!

  11. Author Photo

    Happy birthday!

    One question concerning DNS render time improvements, though. Does that include slave zones?

    • Author Photo

      For new slave zones, yes, they’ll see the same speeds as the new master zones.

      The render time for external zones won’t change, but they’ve always been pretty quick to update.

  12. Author Photo

    Happy birthday Linode!

    You have done a fantastic work!

    My account says “Account active since 2009-04-11”.
    Thank you for the your support!

  13. Author Photo

    I would like to see custom ISO support as simple as Vultr does it.

    • Author Photo

      Hi Lonnie! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us about Cloud Manager enhancements. This is a feature we have on our radar, and I’ve made sure to add your interest to our internal tracker.

  14. Author Photo
    Atul Kumar Pandey

    Happy Birthday, Linode, and Team. You guys are tremendous, I have numerous projects running on Linode only and never feel of switching to any other host.

    Few things I would like to see on Linode in coming days:

    1. Linode’s own CDN, since Linode has servers everywhere.
    2. Cloud firewall and Private VLANs.
    3. I want to see more in Mumbai datacenter.

    • Author Photo

      Great suggestions! The Cloud Firewall and VLANs are happening, and we’ll post the details here on the blog as they become available.

      I brought up your request for the CDN to the team, and they let me know that this is also something that’s on our roadmap, although there’s not an ETA on it yet as we’re in the beginning stages of looking into it.

      We now have Kubernetes available in Mumbai. Anything in particular you’re interested in seeing added there?

  15. Author Photo

    Can’t wait to finally have a private network between data centers, and a real private network (not shared) within the same centre.

  16. Author Photo

    Another year and Linode will be able to vote! God help us : )

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