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Fremont Data Center Update

Fremont Data Center Update

This is an update on an active project to upgrade the Fremont, CA data center. This upgrade will expand the capacity of compute resources and enable additional products and services in a new facility named, Santa Clara, CA. At the project’s conclusion, Fremont’s location will be retired and everything will be migrated to the Santa Clara location.

As of 2/28/2023, new resources being deployed to Fremont will be automatically routed to the Santa Clara facility. For customers with existing resources in Fremont, we are targeting April for a completion date, and we expect to seamlessly migrate your services from the Fremont data center to Santa Clara in the coming weeks once it is ready.

Data Center Improvements

In addition to capacity and network improvements in the US-WEST region, once fully opened, Santa Clara will support:

  • VLANs to enable private layer 2 networking for secure communications between Linodes;
  • NVMe Block Storage to attach highly-available and performant storage volumes to your infrastructure; and
  • IP Sharing and support for IPv6 enabling failover and the ability to reroute traffic to a secondary environment.

We also have SOC2 Certification available for Santa Clara upon request. You can open a support ticket and we will provide this for you.

Information for Fremont Users

As we transition to the Santa Clara data center, there are a few changes that will be implemented for this location:

If your deployment is routed to the Santa Clara facility as this data center becomes available and requires any of the features referenced above, please open a Support Ticket.

Updated Migration Information

  • Live Migrations will be used where possible and customers will be notified in advance if a cold migration with any downtime is required.
  • Linode IP addresses will not be changed following their migration from Fremont to Santa Clara.
  • Private IP connectivity will continue to work between both data centers during the transition.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Support. We’re always here to help.

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    Is the Fremont to Santa Clara migration complete now? My Fremont linode gets larger ping latency in April than before, not sue if it is due to the migration.

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