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GitOps for Cloud Portability

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GitOps is a paradigm that enables developers to manage infrastructure and code deployments end-to-end while using Git as the single source of truth. The second installment in our series connects GitOps principles with your cloud portability strategy.

What's Inside

Cloud portability refers to the capability to migrate applications, data, and other key resources seamlessly between different environments or cloud providers. GitOps enables portability by maintaining agility, flexibility, and a single source of truth that exists outside of a cloud provider ecosystem.

In this ebook you will learn:

  • the differences between cloud-native and platform-native;
  • how cloud-native development and cloud portability are linked;
  • how cloud portability helps avoid vendor lock-in; and
  • how leveraging GitOps ultimately increases portability.
GitOps for Cloud Portability
Looking for an introduction to GitOps and GitOps principles? Download our Understanding GitOps guide.