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BlogStorageBlock Storage Now Available in Frankfurt

Block Storage Now Available in Frankfurt


Block Storage is now available in eu-central (Frankfurt)! Here is our current matrix of availability along with ETAs:

Data Center Availability
us-east (Newark) Available Now
us-central (Dallas) Available Now
us-west (Fremont) Available Now
eu-central (Frankfurt) Available Now
ap-south (Singapore) Q2 2018
ap-northeast (Tokyo2) Q2 2018
eu-west (London) Q2 2018


To get started with Block Storage today, feel free to take a look at the Block Storage product page as well as the getting started guide.

Comments (13)

  1. Author Photo

    Thanks! Looking forward to SG!

  2. Author Photo

    Awesome work. But waiting for Singapore too and good to know it will be available in second quarter.

  3. Author Photo

    No love for Atlanta?

  4. Author Photo

    Hi Scott – Atlanta and Tokyo 1 are not in our scope for Block Storage.

  5. Author Photo

    +1 for SG block storage, can’t wait 🙂

  6. Author Photo

    Great! Looking forward for Q2 2018 for Singapore & Tokyo to launch too. Linode delivers!

  7. Author Photo

    Looking forward to SG! +1

  8. Author Photo

    Waiting for London here!

  9. Author Photo


    When will it available at Singapore?

  10. Author Photo

    Hi Inanh – Block Storage will be available in Singapore within a few weeks. We’re in the final phases of the deployment there.

  11. Author Photo

    Great! Can’t wait. I’m setting up a few new servers in Singapore and will need block storage very soon 🙂

  12. Author Photo

    Any rough date in June when London will be available?

  13. Author Photo

    Any chance to be able at some point to mount a volume to multiple linodes? Even if read only.

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