Block Storage

Create and attach Block Storage Volumes to your Linode.

Manage Your Data Separately

Block Storage Volumes are managed independently of Linode instances. A user can attach and detach Volumes to any Linode at any time without having to reboot. If you delete a Linode then you can simply attach your Volume to another instance without data loss.

Dynamic Resizing

The size of your Block Storage Volume can be increased dynamically. A simple unplugging and hot-plugging of the Volume or a reboot of your Linode will allow your Linode to see the change in Volume size. Attaching Block Storage Volumes allows you to increase the total storage available for your Linodes beyond the capacity included with each standard Linode plan.

Resilient and Fault Tolerant

Block Storage Volumes are configured with 3x data replication. This ensures that your data is highly-available.

High-Speed Storage

Linode Block Storage is powered by a combination of large capacity HDDs and ultra-fast NVMe drives, offering a balance between price, performance, and capacity.

Additional Features

Boot off a Block Storage Volume

The device is presented as a regular drive to the Linode, so you can netboot off it and use it for your root directory.

Volume Cloning

Easily duplicate your data.

Treat Your Block Volume like a Local Disk

Block Storage Volumes show up as if you plugged in a new drive to your Linode. Format and use it any way you like. No special software is required to use the service.

Add Volumes to Your Configuration Profile

Change the order in which the drives are presented inside the Linode.

Hot-Plug Volumes into and out of Running Linodes

Work faster without reboots. Hot-plug and unplug events are seemingly instantaneous, allowing you to move drives between systems in seconds.

For more information on using Block Storage with your Linode, please refer to the getting started guide.

Block Storage Pricing

$0.10/GiB per month

($0.00015/GiB per hour)

Hourly Billing. No usage fees.


In order to take advantage of the Block Storage service the volume and associated Linode must be in the same data center. You can only attach a volume to one Linode at a time.

Block Storage service is offered in all data centers except for Atlanta.

The maximum volume size allowed is 10TiB.

The minimum volume size allowed is 10GiB.