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Techstrong PulseMeter: Cloud Workload Portability

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What's Inside

Techstrong Research polled its community of DevOps and cloud-native readers and viewers to take their pulse on workload portability. Respondents indicated the top three drivers for workload portability are business continuity/disaster recovery (31%), cost savings (30%), and resilience (27%). Other survey questions included:

  • Do you expect to move workloads between cloud providers?
  • Why do you need workload portability?
  • Do you plan to move workloads back and forth between providers or is it a one-way effort?
  • What approaches do you take in application architecture to facilitate portability?
  • Rank the biggest challenges you face in moving workloads?
  • Do you agree with the following statements about data migration costs?
Portability Highlights Battle Between Cloud-Native and Platform-Centric Design