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Linode & Limelight Networks


Every day companies are developing, deploying and delivering new solutions using the Linode cloud platform. For these organizations to provide responsive apps and keep experiences closer to their users, many require a decentralized, low-latency solution that puts their applications and systems nearer the network edge.

With one of the world’s largest private global networks, Limelight brings a full suite of competitive solutions to the market including digital content delivery, video, cloud security, and edge computing services. As a partner, we are excited to be providing our cloud computing capabilities as part of Limelight’s new edge cloud offering and, in turn, making customized CDN and edge solutions available to our customers running API-driven mobile or IoT applications on a global scale.

Limelight’s QoS-enabled network has 35+ Tbps capacity and a 100GbE private fiber backbone connected to more than 900 ISP and last-mile networks. Top brands such as Marvel, Nintendo, and the BBC rely on Limelight to deliver a competitive advantage through solutions that extend the power of their multi-cloud architectures.

This relationship is significant because Linode’s high-performance compute, storage, backup, and load balancing services can now be enhanced by Limelight’s industry-leading content delivery capabilities. Through this new strategic partnership, Linode and Limelight are ushering in the next generation of application delivery tailored for cloud platform customers by reducing the cost of data transportation, decreasing latency, and improving application availability.

Read more about our new partnership by visiting Limelight or contact our sales team for more information.

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    As a long-time user of Linode and a former LLNW employee I applaud this partnership on multiple levels. Here’s to many more years of reliable service on both parts!

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    Congrats on the partnership. But I am trying to understand what specifically will this partnership bring in terms of additional feature or service offerings to Linode VPS users ? And at what additional costs ?

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    I cant wait to see Linode offer DNS, CDN services from LLNW. And hopefully many more add on services to come.

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    Hi George. The first phase of our partnership with Limelight is focused on connecting Linode’s data centers with Limelight’s global network to enable a scalable, global edge computing offering. This is being marketed by Limelight as the Limelight edge cloud. The next phase of our partnership is to introduce the ability for Linode customers to easily consume Limelight CDN and related services seamlessly via the Linode Manager or API. As we get closer to phase two, you can expect to see more information announced here including target dates and pricing.

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    @csmith I believe what George was asking is if the current pricing of the linodes would change in relation to this partnership, or is this a new product that would be optional?

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      Thanks for the clarification. Current pricing will not change as a result of this partnership. This is a new product and entirely optional.

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    What will be the pricing for this new cdn product? Since linode currently offers bandwidth for $5/TB by just buying a bunch of linodes, if it’s much more than that, I doubt it’ll find much use…

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    using LLNW network ( is tokyo ( is tokyo ( is singapore ( is singapore

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    Thanks @csmith for the clarification. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

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    In Korea(top3 isp: KT AS4766, LG AS3786/AS17858, SK AS9318), ~ seems to be via the US.

    There is nothing better than tokyo2/singapore. Only demerit exists.

    Congratulations the partnership, but please be forget about limelight in Korea.

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    Will it support IPv6?
    Excellent IPv6 support is something I’ve come to expect of Linode, but I’m a bit skeptic about LLNW, because their website doesn’t support IPv6, unlike Linode’s.

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    Just read about the new Bandwidth Alliance thingy:

    Amazing news! Obviously, this will mean bandwidth between that new CDN service you’re building and Cloudflare is going to be free, right?

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    Why are there no announcement on the Bandwidth Alliance?

  13. Author Photo

    I notice no announcement here too. Could it be due to Cloudflare’s reputation of protecting some pretty nasty sites, or could there be a risk to the privacy of our network connections?

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