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BlogLinodeAkamai Opens Newest Cloud Computing Site in Stockholm

Akamai Opens Newest Cloud Computing Site in Stockholm

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We’ve added a cloud computing site in Stockholm, Sweden to the Akamai global footprint. This site includes Premium CPU instances, updated Object Storage, and additional capacity as part of our ongoing efforts to support and scale commercial workloads across the Akamai network.

Establishing a new site in Scandinavia has been high on our list for a new site based on feedback we’ve received from you, and the growing number of commercial customers looking to incorporate portability, scale, performance, and price, into their cloud mix, qualities which remain guiding principles of our cloud experience. Stockholm is also home to a number of partners and businesses who have expressed interest in deploying Akamai cloud computing services closer to home.

Challenging Industry Norms

The Stockholm site is yet another key part of our vision to challenge industry norms by opening the door to a more distributed and decentralized cloud design. Each of the new sites are equipped to meet the needs of modern applications that increasingly require higher performance, lower-latency, and global scalability that current cloud architectures were not built to provide. With the recent addition of Paris and now Stockholm, we’re enabling EMEA-based customers to put workloads closer to home, with failover support in sites like Frankfurt and London.

Getting Started

Stockholm is available for you to deploy resources now. Existing customers can access this site, and our other new sites, instances, and storage resources in Cloud Manager or using our API documentation. You can also sign up for an account now or schedule time with one of our cloud solutions engineers.

Be the First to Know About New Sites

As we continue to execute on the product roadmap, we rely on customer feedback in the early stages of development. The Green Light program enables the technical user community to engage in the beta process, test new sites or features, and ultimately identify issues or improvements that can be made before general availability. For early access to new sites and other roadmap items, register for Green Light. You can also sign up for notifications about an individual site and be the first to know when it’s about to go live in production.

More information about Akamai Connected Cloud, including Akamai Cloud Computing Services, Akamai Security Solutions, and Content Delivery Solutions, is available on the Akamai website.


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