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BlogLinodeJames Sinclair joins Linode

James Sinclair joins Linode

James Sinclair has joined Linode this week full time.  Many of you already know him from our IRC channel as irgeek.  James has a very long history with Linode and our community — he’s one of our oldest customers, possessing the 9th Linode ever created, which he acquired just three days after we opened for business (almost 6 years ago now).

James relocated all the way from Denver, CO to join our team.  He likes Guinness and root access to your host.  We’re excited about his future contributions to Linode.  Please join us in welcoming James to our team!

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    Congrats James! I hope your relocation included finding a place where they pull a good pint.

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    Congrats again, geekster!

    Although I will show up on your doorstep if you touch my root while drinking guinness 😉 (for the Australians amongst you, that one will crack you up)!

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    Great to see Linode getting even bigger. My business is going to be deploying many linodes, so it is a good thing to see the staff numbers growing, especially since my linodes have been practically trouble-free since I joined over 6 months ago.

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    Congrats James.

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    Congrats on joining the team!

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    Rosemary Farr Williams

    Congratulations James.

    Aunt Rose and he who obeys!!

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    Welcome aboard. I hope this growth doesn’t change Linode though. Most companies end up growing up and selling out their customers.

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    Welcome aboard. Don’t sweat the sellout rhetoric 🙂 *running on a linode!*

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    Congratulations James and the Linode team! What makes Linode a company I cannot help but recommend to friends is the outstanding quality of its small team.

    While Linode continues to only hire the best their customers can only remain impressed.

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    I’m a completely satisfied Linode customer of 2 years. Keep up the high quality and reasonable prices! It is extremely hard to grow and stay high quality but you manage to be doing it so far — don’t let up!

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