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James Sinclair si unisce a Linode

James Sinclair si è unito a Linode questa settimana a tempo pieno. Molti di voi lo conoscono già dal nostro canale IRC come irgeek. James ha una storia molto lunga con Linode e la nostra comunità: è uno dei nostri clienti più vecchi, in possesso del nono Linode mai creato, che ha acquistato appena tre giorni dopo la nostra apertura (quasi 6 anni fa).

James si è trasferito da Denver, CO per unirsi al nostro team. Gli piacciono la Guinness e l'accesso root al vostro host. Siamo entusiasti del suo futuro contributo a Linode. Unitevi a noi nel dare il benvenuto a James nel nostro team!

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    Congrats James! I hope your relocation included finding a place where they pull a good pint.

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    Congrats again, geekster!

    Although I will show up on your doorstep if you touch my root while drinking guinness 😉 (for the Australians amongst you, that one will crack you up)!

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    Great to see Linode getting even bigger. My business is going to be deploying many linodes, so it is a good thing to see the staff numbers growing, especially since my linodes have been practically trouble-free since I joined over 6 months ago.

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    Congrats James.

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    Congrats on joining the team!

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    Rosemary Farr Williams

    Congratulations James.

    Aunt Rose and he who obeys!!

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    Welcome aboard. I hope this growth doesn’t change Linode though. Most companies end up growing up and selling out their customers.

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    Welcome aboard. Don’t sweat the sellout rhetoric 🙂 *running on a linode!*

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    Congratulations James and the Linode team! What makes Linode a company I cannot help but recommend to friends is the outstanding quality of its small team.

    While Linode continues to only hire the best their customers can only remain impressed.

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    I’m a completely satisfied Linode customer of 2 years. Keep up the high quality and reasonable prices! It is extremely hard to grow and stay high quality but you manage to be doing it so far — don’t let up!

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