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BlogContainers (Kubernetes, Docker)July Technical Docs: Kubernetes, Pulumi, and More

July Technical Docs: Kubernetes, Pulumi, and More


Linode’s latest technical docs include a robust beginner’s guide to Kubernetes, how to add WireGuard VPN security measures, and how to use Pulumi for your Linodes. Take a look and leave a comment on the docs to share your feedback.

Kubernetes resources

A Beginner’s Guide to Kubernetes

A robust, five-part series to help you better understand Kubernetes and how to get the container orchestration system up and running. The series covers k8s API, Masters and Nodes, and much more. 

Troubleshooting Kubernetes

This guide introduces core tools for troubleshooting and solutions to some tricky situations you may find yourself in.

Kubernetes Reference Guide

A go-to reference and glossary for common Kubernetes terminology. A handy companion alongside the beginner’s guide.

Best of the rest

Getting Started with Pulumi

Pulumi is a development tool that allows you to write programs that deploy cloud resources – or Infrastructure as Code (IaC). This guide walks you through setting up Pulumi and using it to create a single Linode instance, as well as a NodeBalancer with two NGINX webserver backends.

Set Up WireGuard VPN on Debian

Configure WireGuard’s state-of-the-art cryptography on your Linode running Debian for a simple, fast, and secure VPN.

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