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Understanding GitOps

Free Ebook

GitOps is a paradigm that enables developers to manage infrastructure and code deployments end-to-end while using Git as the single source of truth. Learn the basics of GitOps, how it’s compatible with DevOps, and remove development silos.

What's Inside

GitOps is a key part of developing cloud-native applications by designing development and deployment processes that allow for constant iteration, testing, and repetition. Compared to DevOps, GitOps incorporates a single source of truth to reduce manual steps and handoffs between development teams. You will also learn:

  • What GitOps is and its core principles.
  • How a GitOps pipeline differs from a DevOps pipeline.
  • The advantages of using GitOps and CI/CD to automate deployment.
  • Incorporating Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools into your pipeline.
  • How GitOps removes silos between software engineers and DevOps or IT.
A look inside the Understanding GitOps eBook.