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Nextcloud and Percona added to Linode Marketplace


Monitor your databases to identify problems and make it easier to switch to inexpensive cloud storage with the latest additions to the Linode Marketplace.

Navigate Cloud Storage with Nextcloud
Nextcloud makes it easier to use scalable cloud storage, and provides an option to move away from expensive file hosting services if you rely on a GUI. Nextcloud provides an intuitive interface for navigating Linode’s S3-Compatible Object Storage or SSD Block Storage.

Quickly launch Nextcloud via the One-Click App, and read our tutorials on configuring Nextcloud to work with your Linode storage service:

Check Database Performance with Percona Monitoring & Management
Install Percona’s free open source monitoring app to gain deep insights into your database performance, including CPU usage, memory utilization, and network traffic. Streamline database management with the ability to monitor multiple databases in one environment and spot patterns over time. Percona Monitoring & Management supports MySQL, MongoDB, Percona XtraDB Cluster, PostgreSQL, and more.

Become a Linode Marketplace Partner
Become an App partner by submitting your listing to the Linode Marketplace. For more imformation, visit the App Partners page.

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    Nextcloud is definitely one of the best addition in Linode’s marketplace. It is really useful for project managers who are looking for self-hosted scalable cloud storage.

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