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New One-Click Apps in the Linode Library


Linode introduced One-Click apps to make it as easy as possible for our customers to deploy fully-configured apps in the cloud. We’ve built a growing library and today we’re adding two popular and highly requested apps to it: Plesk and cPanel & WHM® .

These new additions to our One-Click library further our mission of making the cloud simpler and more accessible to everyone. With One-Click our customers can reduce the time between idea and execution by:

  • Easily customizing app configuration before deployment
  • Deploying ready-to-run apps and services on a Linode

Once active, customers can manage all one-click deployments in the Linode Cloud Manager.

Linode + Plesk

Plesk lets you build and manage multiple websites from a single dashboard to configure web services, email, and other applications. Plesk is the leading WebOps hosting and management platform, featuring hundreds of extensions and a complete WordPress toolkit. With Linode and Plesk, customers can spend less time worrying about maintaining infrastructure and more time bringing their ideas to life.

To celebrate the addition to Linode’s One-Click Library, Plesk is offering Linode Customers 40% off Plesk Web Host Edition for their 1st year with the code J5R-G3E-8Q2.

Linode + cPanel & WHM®

cPanel & WHM® is a Linux based web hosting control panel and platform that helps you create and manage websites, servers, databases, and more with a suite of hosting automation and optimization tools. The cPanel & WHM® One-Click app streamlines publishing and managing a website on your Linode. Using cPanel & WHM® on Linode, users can quickly install WordPress, monitor and configure servers, create backups, transfer files, and access the extensive library of cPanel add-ons.  

Check out our growing library of One-Click applications including WordPress, GitLab, and Minecraft. 

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    Not the free version like DO and Vultr offering so not really interesting for new customets and a step behind your competition.

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