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BlogLinodeNew Datacenter: Newark, NJ

New Datacenter: Newark, NJ

Last night we turned up our initial deployment of machines at a facility in Newark, NJ.  It’s operated by NAC, who runs an impressive facility, has many great peering arrangements, and doesn’t block any ports.  We’ve got redundant gigabit uplinks, plenty of power and cooling, and room to grow.  We’re hoping that this facility will improve ping times for those in Europe, Canada, and north east US.

Did you know that you can migrate your Linode to any of our four facilities? Switching datacenters is simple: One button press and your Linode and its contents are automatically migrated.  If you’re interested, please submit a support ticket.  We’ll set up a migration and issue you the new IPs, and you can shutdown and initiate the migration when you’re ready.

You can test ping and download times for all four of our facilities with the links provided in this forum post.

Comments (17)

  1. I’ve added some photos of the initial rig on the Linode page on Facebook:

  2. Sweet! 35ms from Halifax, NS

  3. Michael Hendricks

    The map on the Linode homepage does not have NJ highlighted green yet.

  4. You guys don’t miss a beat. I’ll get to it on Monday 🙂

  5. If I migrate to Newark from Atlanta, will that also include changing over to Xen as well? (That’s not a bad thing, just curious)

    I’m in Delaware and ping has dropped in half! (~15 vs ~30)

  6. Very nice work. Nice to see Linode expanding.

  7. @weave — yes, all the Newark servers are Xen. It’s a seamless move.

  8. 35ms from Halifax sounds exciting! I might be migrating after a few months…

  9. 115ms from London, compare to 145ms to Atlanta and 190ms to Fremont

  10. 115ms from London? That’s strange.. I got 100ms from Belgium, Ghent, and my traceroute goes trough London.

  11. 21ms to Toronto. Yay.

  12. I’m in northwestern Germany, and I see a similar improvement: about 120ms, as opposed to 145ms to my site in Atlanta. Nice.

  13. Can I upgrade the plan at the same time while migrating it to this new data center.

  14. Awesome!

    I’m in Sweden and my results are 102 ms to Newark, compared to 138 ms to the datacenter in Atlanta 🙂

  15. Ping to Atlanta (where current machine is):
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 338.270/339.101/341.074/0.978 ms

    — ping statistics —
    8 packets transmitted, 8 received, 0% packet loss, time 7000ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 321.856/324.780/333.921/3.885 ms

    Seems a bit better. Yeah, in South Africa, going via undersea cable, it’s slow. It’s a little bit better though. Moving my machines there soon.

  16. hi, a note of caution. i got a new IP addess after moving to newark data center. but my bad luck, this ip address is blacklisted because it was once used as dynamic IP by some ISP. Many email servers consider emails from dynamic IP address as spam. do not get into trouble like me. So please check your IP address here to make sure it is not blacklisted.

  17. 37ms from Québec Canada ROCK ON !!!

    Linode rocks. 😀

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