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January 2023

In the Node: Join Our Early-Access Beta Program

Linode Green Light is an active community of developers who take pride in being the first to test new products and share knowledge with the Linode community. Join our Green Light beta program today. Inside this month’s newsletter, you’ll also learn about a new on-demand webinar that details what DevOps professionals seek from their cloud providers and how customers like NSoft approach different cloud providers for their workloads to deliver the best customer experiences.

Featured Guides
Hubzilla is a highly-federated, versatile, free, and open source application that allows users to create connected websites and tools in a modular fashion. Some of the main features include websites, social media, file sharing, photo sharing, forums, chat rooms, and calendars. Explore this expansive fediverse software.
It’s possible to define actions within an SQL Server database that trigger whenever a data change takes place. This feature can quickly improve a wide variety of data tasks including logging, data validation, and calculations. Learn more about writing triggers and how to use them with this guide.
The Green Light program gives you early access to new products and services before they are publicly released. It also allows you to support not just development efforts but the community of developers across individual projects, startups, partners, and business initiatives as you work within our cloud computing platform. Join Green Light now for notifications on upcoming products on the Compute roadmap.
A new Techstrong Research report reveals how developing a multicloud strategy has become more deliberate today. Watch this webinar on-demand to learn what DevOps professionals seek from their cloud providers, what’s driving them to spread workloads across multiple clouds, and how companies like NSoft approach different cloud providers for their workloads to deliver the best customer experiences.
Open Source
From minor tips to critical productivity boosters, this article shares 11 Vim tips to make your life easier.
Picking the right distribution can be challenging because each distro focuses on different aspects of security and privacy, depending on user demands and preferences. This article explores 10 Linux distros based on personal usage, security, and privacy. 
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