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Phil Paradis joins Linode

I’m pleased to announce that Linode has scored another worthy employee – Phil Paradis.  In addition to his rich technical talents and accomplishments, Phil runs, an “educational resources site dedicated to providing useful tools and materials to the teaching community.”  He’ll be helping us with the support load, as well as carrying development, documentation, and system administration responsibilities.

Phil has a strong addiction to caffeine and can often be seen carrying around an open 2-liter of Mountain Dew. I’m already worrying about this one. Please join us in welcoming Phil to our team!

Comments (14)

  1. Craig Huffstetler


  2. Ryan Lewon

    Welcome to the team!

  3. Matthew R. MacPherson

    Congrats for joining the team Phil — just please don’t apply Mountain Dew “libally” to the Linodes! (

  4. pparadis

    Thanks for the congratulations, all. It’s good to be here.

  5. condate

    Congrats Phil!

  6. Michael Schurter (schmichael)

    Congrats Phil! Its good to see the Linode team continually growing!

  7. Another fan


  8. […] I’m pleased to announce my acceptance of a new position with, an outstanding Linux virtual private server provider. I’ll be fulfilling documentation, system administration, and support roles with their team. Having been a customer of theirs for several years (this site runs on a linode), I’m excited to be part of the team that keeps the bits flowing. You can check out my hiring announcement on the Linode Blog. […]

  9. Andrea

    Welcome Phil!

  10. Filip S. Adamsen

    Welcome, Phil! Nice to see Linode continuing to grow. 🙂

  11. J. Greer

    Twiddling code and microcontrollers are my passion but teaching science is my day job. I have been very impressed by Phil’s contributions here at Linode and his exceptional ClassHelper website.

    Great choice Linode!


  12. Miguimon

    Good to have Phil working with Linode!

    Congrats from a happy customer 🙂

  13. roamfox


  14. JoeyM

    welcome aboard

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