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Now Available: Linode Terraform Provider


We are excited to announce the official release of the Linode Terraform Provider. As official maintainers of the provider, we will continue to support and develop it in collaboration with our partner HashiCorp.

Terraform is a popular open source infrastructure as code tool that’s quickly becoming the industry standard for infrastructure automation. With it, you can define, build, deploy, and change cloud infrastructure and related services.

The Linode Terraform provider allows customers to create and manage:

  • Linode Instances
  • Block Storage Volumes
  • Domains
  • NodeBalancers
  • Images, StackScripts, and SSH Keys

Terraform can also be used to manage hundreds of other web services including New Relic, CloudFlare, or PagerDuty.

Getting Started with Terraform

We’ll be adding support for more Linode resources in the coming months along with more guides and sample configurations. Here are a few helpful resources to get you started.

For a walkthrough on installing and creating a Linode with Terraform, read the Use Terraform to Provision Linode Environments guide.

The provider documentation can be referenced for help with any of the resources and their parameters.

On GitHub, you will find the source, change log, and an in-depth example that creates a scalable Linode web cluster backed by Linode NodeBalancers, Domains, and Block Storage Volumes. If you encounter any problems, open an issue on Github.


Comments (4)

  1. Author Photo

    Any plans to allow for image management via post-processor? Something along the lines of

    That’d be amazing!

    Thank you for supporting TF!

  2. Author Photo

    While we don’t have an official Packer builder yet, we are hoping to have one in the future! You can take a look at a pull request for a Linode Plugin for Packer here:

  3. Author Photo

    That’s exactly what I wanted to see here, and although I’m not planning to deploy something new any soon I’m glad that I’m not forced to use DO or AWS for my terraform deploys

    (actually when I learned terraform I’ve made a DO account for the sole reason they’ve had the official terraform provider, and I didn’t want to experiment while learning)

  4. Author Photo

    How to install packages, database, application server etc?

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