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IPv6 Now Available in London and Atlanta

As part of our ongoing efforts to support IPv6 across all of our locations, we are happy to announce that native IPv6 is now available in London and Atlanta. Existing Linodes can enable IPv6 simply by clicking “Enable IPv6” on the Remote Access tab of the Linode Manager. New Linodes and Linodes migrating into a facility with IPv6 will automatically be v6-enabled. More information can be found on our IPv6 FAQ page.

We are also beginning limited trials of large IPv6 allocations routed to Linodes. If you’d like to take part in the trial please open a ticket and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.


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    Maybe i should not ask, but do you have an eta to support native IPv6 in Tokyo?

  2. Author Photo

    Thank you! Linode rulez!

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    That’s good to hear! I know that last time I mentioned IPv6 to the Atlanta facility, they said they had no plans to implement it.

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    Regarding large IPv6 allocations, (presumably /64), will Linode have the ability to delegate reverse DNS for the IP allocation to the customers DNS servers?

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    Great news: already updated my site in the London datacentre to be dual-stack. Thanks, guys!

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    You guys are awesome. Best in class offerings as usual from Linode. Thanks!

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    Just click and go!
    It’s so simple that one wanders if everything is OK, but it is! One minute of downtime and you’re IPv6.
    Just love Linode!

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    You guys are truly amazing – an early christmas present!

    Thanks so much guys, you’ve just made my day 😀

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    Tokyo when there is IPV6?

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    Great!!! Just one click and everything was taken care of.

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