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We’ve gathered some of the best teachers and tech enthusiasts in the industry to discuss everything cloud computing, Linux, and open source technology on our YouTube channel. Let’s continue to work together to spread our mission around the world. Watch and share your favorite shows and episodes.

A subquery is an SQL query that is nested within another SQL query. They break the SQL statements into simple logical units, making them easier to understand and maintain. Learn more about subqueries with this informative guide.

A view in MySQL is a named query that can be triggered to display data stored in other tables. You can use views to enhance database security, move complex business logic to the database server, and reduce data distraction. Read this guide to find out how you can use views to improve your database interactions.
Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework that allows you to extend its functionality with plugins. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create your own custom plugins that include directives, mixins, and filters, as well as how to allow your plugin to accept options.
Our rollout of powerful GPU instances continues with new Linode GPUs in our Singapore data center. (And in case you missed it, we also have increased our GPU availability in Newark and Mumbai.) Interested in a behind-the-scenes look at our GPUs? Take a technical deep dive into Linode’s GPU development journey with Senior Engineer Abe Massry.
We started growing the Linode Marketplace in 2020, and we are looking for more submissions to provide even more tools and resources for the Linode community. Fill out a brief form to tell us about your project or explore our current selection of Marketplace apps.
We’ve joined up with some of your favorite review websites to feature Linode and your own experiences with our products and services. These sites provide some great insight when comparing cloud providers. Join in the conversation by sharing your experience with Linode in a review: G2 | TrustRadius | IT Central Station
Create a Chrome extension using ReactJS. This article breaks down what an extension is, and then walks through, step by step, how to create an extension that changes the background color of a page.
Proper Kubernetes cluster management starts at the pod level. This article covers Kubernetes limits and requests and how Resource Quotas and Limit Ranges work to control resource consumption.
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