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Linode Library Turns One

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Linode Library! Over the last twelve months, our documentation team has published over three hundred guides on server administration topics, ranging from basic Linux administration to high availability server configurations, and has made the articles available to anyone who would like to use them.

Our mission remains simple: to provide accurate and easy-to-follow instructions for deploying and managing a wide range of Linux server applications. We want to thank everyone for all the positive feedback we have received, and we continue to welcome your suggestions for improvement as we strive to build the most expansive server administration library on the Web. After all, we’re here to make your life easier.

If you’d like to make a suggestion, please feel free to use the suggestion box on the Library’s home page, or email our docs team at [email protected]. We’re also looking for more community contributions, so if you’d like to write a guide on something that hasn’t yet been covered, we want to hear from you!

Comments (13)

  1. I love the Linode Library! <3

  2. As a new Linode customer the Linode Library was invaluable in getting my Linodes up and running. The Linode Library is a real treasure! Thank you Linode staff and community!

  3. No 42% increase for this birthday?! I kid, keep up the good work!
    The library is another reason to stick with Linode, and I’ve browsed it just to catch all the tips and tricks.

  4. The library is excellent! I couldn’t have gotten all the different servers and services set up and configured the ‘proper’ way if I followed those random half-hearted guides on the internet!

  5. The library was a key selling factor for signing up with Linode.

    For a relative newcomer to Linux, it was an essential piece of the jigsaw puzzle to start my own private VPS.

    Rock on Linode!

  6. I probably wouldn’t be a Linode user if it wasn’t for the library. It is really helpful and it provides a sense of security to people who are relatively new to linux like me.

  7. Great library guys! Thats why I really fell for Linode, great community, library, and support!

    Keep it up 😉

    … oh and 42% update would be nice too…

  8. Yes indeed. Keep up the excellent work. I’ve been so appreciative of the performance I have been getting I’ve gone ahead and upgraded my plan to the next notch with full intention of cancelling my old provider within the next month.

    The performance improvement is definitely noticiable between my old and new provider. :p

  9. Agree with Dave, the Library and the lack of smiling-customer-service-girl-with-headset photos on the Linode homepage were the main selling points for me when I started my Linode VPS a few months back.

    Keep up the good work and please keep targeting the geeks!

  10. Zsolt, I have to say I’m with you.

    Great Library, but also the honest interfaces was what convinced me. It just says to me: We do VPS, no bullshit marketing.

    loving it!

  11. YES very much agree with Zsolt… never thought about it before but the lack of headset-girl is awesome… sure they are nice to look at but if I have a question about IPTABLES or how to configure my nginx server I want to talk to a real (fellow) nerd. I have recommended Linode to many friends, colleagues, and even competitors… and the Library is invaluable for everything from complete overhauls of existing architecture to little annoying things.

  12. I love you, Linode Library. You’ve saved my neck, almost literally.

  13. The library is excellent! I couldn’t have gotten all the different servers and services set up and configured the ‘proper’ way if I followed those random half-hearted guides on the internet!

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