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5 Examples of Cloud Scalability on Linode

Examples of Cloud Scalability on Linode

You should have the flexibility to run and test your ideas and hopefully scale your cloud project without worrying about how you’re going to pay for it. The cloud should remove your financial risk, allowing you to create what you want. Here are five examples of cloud scalability on Linode.

Infrastructure for Innovation, Powered by Cloud GPUs – Data Machines Corp. (United States)

“Linode not only had great pricing for GPU instances but also had the exact, hard-to-find NVIDIA cards that we were purchasing for our own data centers. Plus, Linode offers GPUs in different increments, which is hard to find with other providers.

How do you scale machine learning infrastructure to support researchers working on anything from emerging medical technology to advancing image recognition? A hybrid cloud model, and working with a cloud provider that has the right technology while keeping projects on-budget. For Dr. Brian Dennis at Data Machines, he found the solution in the alternative cloud with Linode GPUs and the flexibility to empower researchers and scientists around the world.

Expanding Insights on WooCommerce – Metorik (Australia)

“Linode offers a suite of products that is very tailored to what companies like mine really need—not thousands of products that don’t help me… From one customer to thousands, we haven’t outgrown Linode.”

Bryce Adams, the founder of Melbourne-based Metorik, saw a need for significantly more analytics and reports in WooCommerce, the popular e-commerce WordPress plugin. His story of building a successful, sustainable business is like many others: dedicate all the time you have to further develop an idea, take the risk, and see what happens. In Metorik’s case, the risk paid off. Metorik is now a growing product with a team that aims to accommodate the needs of shop owners across the world.

Serving a Niche in Live Streaming – Vendoti (United States)

“We knew that the more we could save on our bandwidth cost and back-end services, the more profitable we would be… After some calculations on what it would cost with AWS or others, Linode was hands-down the best option.” 

Building a new business often can involve taking something you have already developed and finding new applications. In the case of Vendoti, the team that built a VR arcade saw a need to improve live streaming sales events, where sellers livestream on Facebook and other platforms while moderating comments. Lag time causes delays in the real-time commenting that determines whether a customer actually ends up with an item they want. Their platform, Vendoti, became a solution for marketing organizations and network marketers.

Simplifying Backups for Cloud Infrastructure – SHIELD / Stark & Wayne (United States)

“We’ve always excelled at creating value-add and integration and adoption for our customers. We’re excited to help people do that with the rich feature set that’s evolving in Linode.”

SHIELD Cloud creators Stark & Wayne are aligned with Linode on a critical mission: making technology more accessible because “everyone deserves nice things.” SHIELD Cloud is a backup and retention solution that helps developers and organizations protect data with unlimited data protection jobs, flexible snapshot retention, and advanced encryption. The developers at Stark & Wayne were early adopters and advocates of Kubernetes and rely on Linode Kubernetes Engine for their production workloads.

Making a Dedication to Open Source – Feross Aboukhadijeh (United States)

“I was a kid when I found Linode so being able to SSH to a server for $10 was awesome.It was so much simpler than anything else I looked at… I’ve never thought about switching.”

As a contributor and maintainer of more than 100 open source projects on GitHub, Feross Aboukhadijeh is a celebrity in the open source community. His goal is to maintain these projects full-time, and has been successful as a creator of other projects that enables him to do this. Feross’s public packages are downloaded a mind-blowing 100 million times every month – and they’re all hosted on Linode. cloud scalability

We’re lucky to have so many customers who grew their projects on Linode—including ideas that became businesses, technology that’s solving some of the world’s largest problems, and creative endeavors that now inspire others. We’ve highlighted just a few of those stories by revealing these five examples of cloud scalability on Linode. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to start working on your own passion project again.


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