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BlogLinodeJeff Dike now Full-Time on UML development

Jeff Dike now Full-Time on UML development

[quote]The first bit of news is that as of last Monday, I am working for Intel. They generously offered a full-time position, off-site, with my time mostly spent
on UML. This basically means that UML is no longer a part-time, after-hours
thing for me, so we should start seeing more work happening on it, especially
compared to the last month or two.

As a side note, Red Hat had approached me first about working for them before
Intel, so they are due some kudos as well, even though I ended up not accepting
their offer.

The other bit of news is that you won’t start seeing the this extra time kick
in until the end of July. Next week, I’m off to Iceland for some sightseeing,
and so I’ll be incommunicado.

Two weeks later, it’s KS/OLS time. Maybe I can get something done in the week
in between, but I’m not counting on too much. So, figure UML development on
my part will be pretty close to suspended until the last week of July.


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    This is a good thing for Jeff and the UML community…

    Congrats Jeff!


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    I’ll have to stick my head in #uml tomorrow and congratulate him.

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    nice to have such a distinguished person visit my country 😉

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