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Cloud’s Crystal Ball

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It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year: prediction season. As pundits and experts look at what they got right and wrong this year and start anticipating what happens next, here’s one prediction you can take straight to the bank: In 2022, there’s no business strategy without a cloud strategy. 

Gartner estimates cloud revenue will surge by $66 billion next year, on top of the $408 billion spent this year, as it inches closer to eclipsing its on-premises counterparts.

Report: 95% of businesses will make multicloud a strategic priority in 2022 via @VentureBeat @valtixinc

William Toll, Head of Product Marketing, Acronis

“The adoption and interest in public cloud continues unabated as organizations pursue a ‘cloud-first’ policy for onboarding new workloads,” says Milind Govekar, distinguished vice president at Gartner. “[Cloud] will be pervasive, not just popular, and anything non-cloud will be considered legacy.”

And if cloud growth is a safe bet, here’s one more: alternative cloud will become bigger, too. Already consuming one-third of all spending on cloud, alternative cloud is poised to take an even bigger piece of the cloud pie as users’ habits shift and multicloud becomes the prevailing approach.


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