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Managed PostgreSQL and MongoDB are Here

Linode Managed Databases now supports MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

We’ve added PostgreSQL and MongoDB to our managed database service. Launched in May with support for MySQL, Linode Managed Databases gives developers access to popular databases in a managed service that shifts some of the responsibility for maintenance and monitoring to us.

Linode Managed Databases is the latest release in a line of essential cloud primitives and services we’re delivering to help developers spend more time building modern applications and less on system administration.

With the addition of PostgreSQL and MongoDB, we now offer SQL and NoSQL database options to scale based on your architecture design.

PostgreSQL is considered more versatile and sophisticated than MySQL of these open source options. With a wider range of data types and advanced queries, PostgreSQL is ideal for write-heavy, high-volume processes at the enterprise scale. Learn more about Managed PostgreSQL clusters on Linode.

MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database, featuring graph search, geoSearch, map-reduce queries, and text search. This engine is ideal for gaming, IoT applications, personalization engines, and applications that require a more flexible data schema. Learn more about Managed MongoDB clusters on Linode.

Deploying a Managed Database Cluster
You can easily deploy a production-ready database cluster via Cloud Manager, API, or CLI. There is a step-by-step guide to walk you through it, or you can simply:

  • Log in to Cloud Manager and select “Databases”
  • “Create” a MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB cluster in any data center
  • Designate the compute plan for a single or three-node cluster
  • Add your optional access controls
  • Click “Create Database Cluster”

Managed MongoDB clusters are currently accessible over public IP addresses. To provide an additional layer of protection, support for private IP addresses will be available in the coming months.

New eBook! Understanding Databases

Develop a high-level understanding of industry-standard databases, the design of database architectures, and different deployment methods in the cloud. After you’ve learned the basics, Justin Mitchel of Coding for Entrepreneurs will walk you through a practical application illustrating how to use Django, Docker, and Linode Managed Databases together. Download the preview now, and register for the release of the full ebook and accompanying video-learning series.

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  1. Author Photo

    Why is MongoDB still unavailable? When will it be available again?

  2. Author Photo

    When is Managed MongoDb be available?

    • tlambert

      Hey Albert – Due to reasons outside of our control, we are no longer able to offer MongoDB as part of our Managed Database product. If you’d like to host and self-manage your MongoDB database on Linode, you can follow the instructions in this guide to install the service on a compute instance. Alternatively, you can host your managed database with a 3rd party like ScaleGrid.

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