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BlogNetworkingDouble the Network Transit now Standard on all Packages

Double the Network Transit now Standard on all Packages

[b]Double Network Transit now Standard on all Packages [/b]

Standard plans now include:

Linode 64 – 50 GiB/xfer
Linode 96 – 76 GiB/xfer
Linode 128 – 100 GiB/xfer
Linode 192 – 150 GiB/xfer
Linode 256 – 200 GiB/xfer

Check the [url=]products[/url] page for more information.

[b]Retro-active to all Existing Customers NOW[/b]

Existing customers should notice the transit already allocated to their account.

Thank you for your business! Enjoy!


Comments (11)

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    Thanks for all the hard work, you are doing a great job.

    – Robbert

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    That’s good news. Thanks caker.


  3. Author Photo

    Wow! I really needed that. Thanks Caker 🙂

  4. Author Photo
  5. Author Photo

    HELL YES!! I was gonna buy some more xfer this month anyway. Dont need to now. CAKER u da bomb!

  6. Author Photo

    I say, CONTINUE the trend!


    Double the ram
    Double the hdd space
    Double the pric…. hey! I DON’T want you to do that!


    Just kidding, thanks Cake-man, I appreciate it.

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    Very nice … thanks a lot!!

  8. Author Photo
  9. Author Photo

    Was wondering why my % transfer used this month was so much lower……nice one 🙂

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