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Arch Linux Network Configuration Update


We are happy to announce that we have just pushed a new Arch image, updating it to the 2016.06.01 “release”. This image disables the predictable network interface naming convention using the suggested udev mask, so the default ethernet name is returned to eth0.

If you currently rely on predictable interface naming for any of your Linodes running Arch, make sure to update your configuration scripts before deploying from the newest image. If you want to read more about this configuration or static networking, see the documentation on, or consult our Static IP Configuration guide. Alternately, you can let Network Helper configure your IP addresses statically for you.

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    If we want to revert the change so that we continue to use predictable interface naming, is there a wiki for that?

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    So, I believe this change is the result of a ticket I’ve opened recently (#6284283). I would have expected you to fix Network Helper and not take the easy way out by disabling a systemd feature. Oh well…

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      This is not the result of yours or any specific ticket. This systemd “feature” only adds benefit on hardware platforms where network devices change, which is not the case on most cloud services, including Linode. While we could update Network Helper to match the PNIN name, it then wouldn’t work in full virtualization mode, which uses different network devices. It also wouldn’t be future-proof, if we change the virtual network driver in the future.

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