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September 2023

New regions in Amsterdam, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, Osaka, and São Paulo

We’re changing how organizations approach cloud architecture, emphasizing a more distributed and decentralized, low latency, and globally scalable design. Our cloud computing services are ideal for higher-performance workloads that need to run closer to end users, like those often found in streaming media, gaming, and ecommerce applications. Read the full announcement here.
Featured Guides
Backups are a critical component of cloud computing. This guide shows you how to create a full archive of an individual Linode’s data, how to store that archive in Akamai’s S3-compatible Object Storage, and how to schedule regular backups with this method.
Netplan is a utility designed to make network configurations easier and more descriptive. It is available on Ubuntu 18.04 and more recent releases, and works by abstracting lower level configurations in systemd-networkd and NetworkManager. Creating a YAML file describing your desired network setup allows Netplan to realize the necessary back-end configurations.
Sites in Milan and Osaka are available for all customers with additional capacity across the US, Europe, and Asia. Try upgraded hardware and services by deploying a new workload now.
Techstrong Research polled its community of DevOps and cloud-native readers and viewers to take their pulse on workload portability. Respondents indicated the top three drivers for workload portability are business continuity/disaster recovery (31%), cost savings (30%), and resilience (27%). Do you agree? Access or download the full report here.
Two highlights this month include the launch of Akamai Terraform Provider v5.2.0 and mPulse error reporting for EdgeWorkers. Plus, a new cloud computing site is now available in Europe.
Open Source
Ingesting traffic to a Kubernetes deployment or service is made more powerful by leveraging the Ingress NGINX controller. This blog post walks you through a simple and effective way to use this controller on a sample deployment and service.
Looking for something different? These unique web browsers can help you make things interesting.
New on YouTube
Check out some of our latest YouTube uploads and make sure you subscribe to our channel for more tutorials and other content from Linode advocates and guest experts.
October 12
San Francisco Bay Area, CA | October 10-12
Raleigh, North Carolina | October 15-17
Dublin, Ireland | October 16-18
Chicago, IL | November 7-9
November 6

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