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Recent Updates

I made some modifications to the Distro Wizard. It now calculates and sets the default image size to (freespace-swap) rather than defaulting to 100 MB. This should help reduce the number of mis-deployments.

I also added the minimum size to the drop-down box, so you don’t have to go fetch the dists page.

We launched the annual-payments special — see this post:

I fixed two bugs in the system which affected “Host Extras” not showing up in the Members control panel

Late last evening our SMP machines were updated to a new kernel with patches to eliminate the hangs/pauses some members have reported. So far so good.

We’ve grown! We’re looking at acquiring more space in our Data-center. More than likely, this will require our existing gear to be relocated inside the data-center to have everything together. I’m exploring alternatives to avoid any downtime.

All for now!


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