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Tokyo Core Compute Region Update

Tokyo Core Compute Region Update

As part of our overall capacity expansion, we’re making improvements in Tokyo, Japan that will impact new customer deployments. At this time, the Tokyo region (ap-northeast) is at maximum capacity, and will be temporarily unavailable for new customer deployment starting October 5, 2023.

Our new core compute region, Osaka, Japan (jp-osa), is available for deployments now, including capacity for large workloads. Osaka also provides access to products not available in Tokyo, including Premium CPU instances and Object Storage.

Current Customers

Customers with active services in Tokyo as of October 5 will not be interrupted, and can manage their services as normal. Customers may encounter errors as certain plans may not be available within the region. We recommend creating new deployments in Osaka if appropriate or using our self-service migration tool to move workloads from Tokyo to Osaka. Customers will be notified as we complete our capacity expansion efforts in Tokyo.

New and Prospective Customers

Tokyo will be unavailable to new customers. Tokyo will remain in Cloud Manager and API, but will not be selectable. Osaka and Singapore are available for all customers looking to deploy workloads in or near Japan.


For guidance on larger deployments, or applications serving global regions, contact our cloud solutions engineers. If you are a current customer in Tokyo and encounter issues deploying new services, open a support ticket.


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