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December 2021

Highlights from the past year.
New Linode LIVE! IaC series.

From network improvements to product releases and expansions, building faster, more efficient, and more open technology remained at the core of our mission in 2021 to better support our customers and respond to your needs. We’ve summarized the year in our final blog post of the year. There are also new guides to explore and YouTube videos from our developer advocates, and information about our next Linode LIVE! Series, “Try IaC,” which we’ll cover Terraform, Ansible, Salt, Puppet Bolt, and Chef.
Featured Guides
There’s always a small possibility that your Compute instance could be powered off or become inaccessible, perhaps due to a failed internal configuration issue or server maintenance. Any websites or services hosted on that instance might also stop working when this happens. One step you can take to help mitigate this downtime is IP failover. This guide shows you how to configure IP failover on Linode.
Ansible is an open source, software provisioning tool that automates application and IT infrastructure deployment. It’s lightweight and agent-less, meaning there’s no client or server software to install. Ansible uses SSH and Python to accomplish its highly useful automation tasks. In this guide, you will learn how to configure an Ansible control node and a few other worker nodes, create and run an Ansible playbook that configures the worker nodes, and test your running web servers.
The Log4j2 vulnerability has many organizations scrambling to patch their systems. We address some concerns from our customers regarding the vulnerability.
While we’ve been signing our prefixes with ROAs, we implemented route validation and are dropping RPKI-invalid prefixes.
Open Source
Cloud security is a team sport. It requires a game plan as well as company-wide buy-in and coordination. Get advice from Linode’s CISO, Joseph Zhou, on how to help reduce–and potentially even eliminate–the most common types of cloud breaches.
Make your website’s text dynamic and more engaging using typewriter effects in pure CSS.
New on YouTube
Check out some of our latest YouTube uploads, make sure you’re subscribed to our channel for more tutorials and other content from developer advocates and guest experts.
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