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New Security and Networking Benefits from Linode


We’ve added two significant and free resources to the Linode cloud platform. Cloud Firewall gives you more control over who can reach your web application or data by filtering traffic at the Linode network level, essentially acting as an “allow” list to restrict traffic. And VLANs support you in creating public or private networks between Linodes in the same data center, controlling who has access to what workloads.

These additions are foundational services that engineers and businesses rely on to strengthen security protocols, along with our Advanced DDoS service, which was added free of charge in January 2020. Advanced DDoS applies a combination of always-on monitoring, real-time migration, and adaptive tuning to identify and mitigate attacks on your network automatically. 

DevOps and the Alternative Cloud, a research report from Accelerated Strategies Group, provides additional insight into the capabilities and priorities developers expect from cloud infrastructure providers. The report identifies several impediments to the use of cloud infrastructure, with 58% of respondents choosing security or privacy concerns as a critical concern. To better address these and other concerns, Linode includes Cloud Firewall and Private VLAN as part of a comprehensive set of free bundled services to help developers and businesses launch, secure, and scale applications in the cloud. 

Cloud Firewall and VLANs are currently available in select data centers as we continue to roll out the service to the remaining data centers throughout the end of the year. You can view product availability by data center on the Global Infrastructure page.

If you’re ready to build and secure your network infrastructure on Linode, you can get started with our Cloud Firewall and Private VLAN documentation. You can send any feedback by visiting And if you run into any issues, remember our 24/7/365 email and phone Support Team is here to help.


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