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Fremont Upgrades

We are happy to announce plan upgrades are now available in Fremont, except not the Fremont you were expecting.  Over the next few weeks we will be transitioning all of our infrastructure from Hurricane Electric’s FMT1 facility to their FMT2 facility, which is just a few miles down the road.  FMT2 is a modern build-out, which we consider to be a great improvement over FMT1’s aging power and space restrictions.

We’ve networked both locations onto the same layer-2 LAN, so there is no need for IP swaps, no disruption in IP failover support, private networking will work as expected, etc. Essentially we have created one large LAN, despite hardware and Linodes existing in both facilities.

Henceforth, all new Linodes created in Fremont will land in the new facility. Performing the plan upgrade or resizing your Linode will transition you to the new facility. This is on a first-come first-served basis as we have limited availability in the facility until we physically move the remainder of hardware from FMT1.

For those with pending upgrades, you may log into the Linode Manager, view your Linode’s Dashboard, where you’ll have a new “Upgrade Available” box on the right-hand side. Taking the upgrade will simultaneously upgrade you AND migrate you to FMT2.

Those not already in FMT2 will be receiving tickets containing details of the maintenance window and the move to the new facility. Stay tuned!


Comments (28)

  1. acalderon


  2. Patrick

    Awesome news!!!

  3. Connor Tumbleson

    Freemont lol. Finally 🙂

  4. reCyph

    Good job guys! Very excited for the upgrades

  5. tcsww

    You are in the Migration Queue!

    Your position is 22 out of 26 queued migrations in this Linode’s datacenter.

    Finally! Thank you Linode

  6. Mat

    Great news! Thank you Linode!

  7. Zane

    Thank you Linode, migration was flawless!

  8. 水景一页

    Great! Finally, Fremont catchs up now.

  9. whatiris

    Thanks guys, now eagerly watching a progress bar.

  10. rid

    Thanks guys! Migrated in less than 10 minutes!

  11. Jonathan Ocab

    w00t! All upgraded.

  12. Ruchira Sahan

    “We’ve networked both locations onto the same layer-2 LAN, Essentially we have created one large LAN,”

    i bet those interconnects are reliable. Otherwise you have just added another point of failure.

  13. Rodrigo

    Thank you guys!!! Awesome news… Already migrated my linode 🙂

  14. Jonathan Tsai

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been waiting for long time, and now it was all worth the wait!

  15. Derek Bell

    Excellent. I’ve migrated my node. Thank you Linode.

  16. xueron

    1 in 1, done! Great job!

  17. Scott


  18. J.

    Awesome, thanks guys – migration for each Linode was smooth and flawless!

  19. Gary Rickert

    After flawless migrations of all 9 of our linodes, and seeing about a 20 – 30% improvement, we have one question.

    While df indicates the additional disk space, it is not indicated on the dashboard and is not available for resizing an ext.

  20. HuarenKids

    Finished upgrade! Now gonna to install Debian7
    Thanks Guys

  21. Ulysses

    Flawless upgrade. Finished the upgrade in a little over 5 mins. Loving the increased memory and the 8 cores! Awesome. I’m glad I’m with Linode. Thanks.

  22. Arjen Lentz

    Awesome! thanks Linode.

  23. Jessica

    Thank you so much

  24. Leon

    This is awesome!!!!! Thank you for the doubled size memory and cores!

  25. David Yin

    Great news. I like Linode.

  26. Ray

    fantastic ~

  27. Shane


  28. Edwin Yip | dev of LIVEditor

    Oops, I wasn’t aware that I have to click that ‘upgrade’ link in order to get actually upgraded…

    Now it says “Your position is 1 out of 1 queued migrations in this Linode’s datacenter.”, looks like I’m the last one 😉

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