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Looking for a few Control Panel beta-testers

I’m looking for about 5 existing members who are willing to test out a new control panel system that I’ve been preparing as an offering from It’s called DirectAdmin


Not to turn this into a marketing blurb or anything, but — this thing is really nice! It’s fast and has a great feature set. Domain and DNS management, resellers, other admins, SSL certificate support, total resellers ability, built-in pop before smtp, php, etc, etc..

Check out the features here:

Here’s the online demo:

It also comes with all the instructions online:

I’m very impressed with this product and can’t wait to get it out there for you guys.

[*]Ability to shut down your existing Linode, and reboot into another profile during the testing
[*]Have a few domains you can point to your Linode (if they already do, then you’re good to go)

[b]What the testing involves[/b][list=1][*]I’ll add an extra 1024 MB disk space to your Linode for the deployment
[*]Use the Distro Wizard to deploy a special “DirectAdmin RedHat” distro
[*]I’ll pick up the cost of your DirectAdmin license (they are tied to each IP)
[*]Follow some post-depoy instructions (yet to come)
[*]Create admins, resellers, and end-users
[*]Add a few domains (users), actually get them pointing to the right places, etc
[*]Generally, run it through its paces as you normally would 🙂

Let me know if you’re interested. I would like to finish with end-user testing testing over the next few days/week.

A DirectAdmin license through us run around $10/month, probably bundled with some extra disk space.

What do you guys think?


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    This may be a weak question, but what differentiates this software from Webmin (wish some additional modules).


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    i will help you demo it oh and for you pm you sent me im resolving stuff with my bank it should be solved tommarow so the invoice will be updated

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    More than happy to demo the control panel for you.

    Let me know when your ready to go.

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    yeah, il give it a go.

    let me know when its all ready to go..

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    May be better offer preinstalled debian + webmin ! You will earn on traffic and storage increase. [img][/img]


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    I’ll beta test with a big fat smile on my face : )

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    how is it going now? looks like it’s been called off? 🙁

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    [quote:1763a405f9=”neorder”]how is it going now? looks like it’s been called off? :([/quote]

    Doh 🙁

    Thought this was a new thread!

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    hi quik i was reading yours how to install invision board, haha, this was my first time login a real web server as admin, i did install everything fine, hah hah, thanks for your post, it’s really a good start for me 😉 next will get phpMyAdmin, the original mysql commend din’t work well for me.

    (the only funny thing i got was i uploaded IPB and tar it, the file name became 1p3Final%5B1%5D.tar.gz)

    anyway, i also can access DA’s internal pricing, i am about to get a 89USD life time license, i will install it here. too bad i only have a linode 64, but it should be sufficient to run DA. i don’t know why chris called off this event…i hope i had the chance…

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