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BlogLinuxDocs Roundup: Available Linux Distribution Updates, nftables, and More

Docs Roundup: Available Linux Distribution Updates, nftables, and More

New Technical Docs

Our docs team has been working hard to bring you guides on new tools, services, and best practices for your workloads. Whether it’s providing an idea for a new project or making it even easier to use our products for your existing workloads, you’ll find a doc to help. Check out these new additions to our docs library.

Choosing a Linux Distribution

We recently added AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux as alternatives to CentOS 8, and we’ve updated our guides to help you select the right distribution for your Linode. You’ll also find guides on how to install popular tools like installing WordPress on AlmaLinux 8 and Securing Web Traffic Using Certbot with Apache on CentOS/RHEL 8. If you’re curious about what distributions are supported by Linode, you can always check the Distributions page.

The Benefits of a Service Mesh

Learn how to optimize your cloud-based application with a dedicated infrastructure layer to separate your application’s operations from essential services, protectingt your app from operational concerns. Read our general explainer guide on why to use a service mesh, or follow more in-depth documentation on installing a Hashicorp Consul or deploying Linkerd 2 with Linode Kubernetes Engine.

Get Started with nftables

Are you ready to start using nftables? The iptables replacement brings significant usability and performance improvements, but requires learning new rules and syntax in order to set up successfully.

Making a Twitter Bot and Replying to Tweets with Node

For practice (or for fun), set up a Twitter bot using Node.js in 100 or less lines of code. This guide also covers setting up a GitHub repository for your bot’s code and hosting the bot on a Linode to keep tweeting.

What is usermod and How Do I Use It?

Looking for a user management shortcut? Change an existing user’s settings, lock/unlock users, and more by learning how to use the usermod command and pairing the usermod utility with other Linux commands. 

User Authentication with JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) and Express

JWTs are compact, secure, and the results of a self-contained method to secure tokens and authenticate users. Unlike some other token generation tools, JWTs fit well in URLs and HTTP headers. You can also read our new guide on user authentication with JWTS and WebSockets.

An Overview of Package Management in Linux

Learn the core concepts of package management and how packages are distributed in most software applications designed for Linux/Unix systems.

Do you want to help Linode produce technical guides like these and even more? Apply for our Write for Linode freelancer program. Use your knowledge to help the developer community, get paid, and see your byline in our docs library.

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