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Learn more about Linode’s robust and reliable networking backbone delivered through data centers located around the world.

How Linode’s network independence helps developers scale in the cloud - including more bundled network transfer.
Dan Spataro

Diversity, Flexibility, and Linux: Prioritizing Generous Transfer

Nov 9, 2020 by Dan Spataro
How Linode’s network independence helps developers scale in the cloud - including more bundled transfer.

A Tutorial for Adding and Configuring Linode Cloud Firewall

Linode Cloud Firewall is a free service used to create, configure, and add stateful network-based firewalls to Linode services using the Linode Cloud Manager and the Linode APIv4.


Use Linode VLAN to build a private Layer 2 network for secure communication between your Linodes to secure your cloud infrastructure.

Linode Creates a More Flexible Data Center with NVIDIA Networking

How to reduce CapEx and OpEx costs in a layer 3 network design, all while maintaining an open and agile network infrastructure with NVIDIA.

Cloud Firewall

Filter network traffic by allowing it on selected ports and protocols to secure your servers with Linode Cloud Firewall.

An Introduction to High-Availability Design for WordPress (and not only WordPress!)

An Introduction to High-Availability Design from Pressidium explains common design paradigms to mitigate the effects of unplanned system failure.
Hillary Wilmoth

DDoS: An Additional Layer of Security from Linode

Jan 24, 2020 by Hillary Wilmoth
With Linode DDoS, your servers and applications are shielded from unforeseen downtime and latency caused by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Linode Launches Free Advanced DDoS Protection Across Its Global Network

Jan 24, 2020
Powerful combination of automated threat technology and expansive mitigation capacity can block or defer large scale DDoS attacks PHILADELPHIA, January 24, 2020 — Linode, the world’s largest independent cloud provider, today announced advanced protection across its global network of 11 data centers to mitigate the impact of pervasive and costly distributed denial of service (DDoS) […]

DDoS Protection

Detect distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on your Linode infrastructure from traffic intended to make your service unavailable to users.

How the Cloud Supports a Pioneer in the Gaming and Betting Industry

NSoft leverages Linode’s networking backbone, traffic policies, and NodeBalancers so it can focus on growth.

Peering Asia 3.0

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia November 6, 2019 - November 7, 2019
We’re going to Malaysia for Peering Asia 3.0! With tons of different panels, sessions, and meetings to attend, Peering Asia’s goal is to promote peering and interconnection in the APAC region. Will we see you there?

Common DNS Configurations

This guide explains how to use the Linode Cloud Manger to configure DNS records.