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2022 Summer Events

Jul 1, 2022 by Jamie Zale
The Linode event calendar for the summer allows us to meet with business leaders, startups, developers, and our partner communities.

Alternative Payment Methods Welcome at Signup

Jun 27, 2022 by Hillary Wilmoth
Adding support for alternative payment methods during the account creation process makes it easier than ever to sign up for Linode.
Linode Live Migrations
Abe Massry

Live Migrations at Linode

May 17, 2022 by Abe Massry
Live Migrations allow Linode instances to move between physical machines without interruption of service.
Linode 2022 Spring Events

2022 Spring Events

Apr 11, 2022 by Jamie Zale
Whether it's at a live event, hackathon, or educational series, there are plenty of opportunities to engage with us.
People's Choice

Linode Wins 2022 People’s Choice Stevie® Award

Apr 6, 2022 by Jim Ackley
We’re honored to receive the 2022 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Customer Service in computer services.
Amping Up Our Commitment to Developers

The Best is Getting Better: Amping Up Our Commitment to Developers

Mar 21, 2022 by Linode
Delivering the best experience for developers is what drives us, and it’s still the case now as we combine forces with Akamai.
2022 Stevie Awards

Linode Wins 2 Stevie® Awards

Mar 1, 2022 by Rick Myers
For the fourth consecutive year, Linode Support has been honored by the Stevie® Awards, receiving two Bronze awards.
Linode and Akamai

Linode and Akamai

Feb 15, 2022 by Christopher Aker
I am excited to announce that Linode has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Akamai.
Linode 2021 in Review

2021 in Review: Faster Block Storage, New Payment Options, Global Network Expansion, and More

Dec 27, 2021 by Hillary Wilmoth
NVMe block storage, PayPal and Google Pay support, expansion of our global network, and 300+ new guides and tutorials.

Use PayPal for Your Recurring Payments

Nov 29, 2021 by Hillary Wilmoth
Make PayPal the default payment method for your recurring payments on Linode.
Why We Share Pronouns: Recognizing Trans Awareness Week at Linode

Why We Share Pronouns: Recognizing Trans Awareness Week at Linode

Nov 18, 2021 by LINQ
Linode's LGBTQIA+ community shares some insight on how Linode supports inclusivity for marginalized genders.