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Linode Ampliación del centro de datos

Feliz año nuevo! 2014 fue un gran año en Linode y estamos muy ilusionados con todos los proyectos que tenemos previstos para 2015. Aquí tienes un adelanto de nuestros planes de expansión del centro de datos.

Singapur, SG

En primer lugar, vamos a ampliar nuestra presencia en la región de Asia-Pacífico con un centro de datos en Singapur. Este nuevo despliegue soportará todos los servicios existentes de Linode , incluyendo NodeBalancers, Backups, IPv6 nativo, y cuenta con nuestros servidores de última generación basados en SSD y conectividad de 40 Gbit para cada máquina anfitriona. La instalación será una fantástica alternativa/complemento a nuestra sede de Tokio, con una gran conectividad con Australia, China, Hong Kong, India y el resto de Asia.

Se ha instalado la mayor parte del hardware de redes y servidores, y nuestro equipo espera tener Singapur listo para los Linodes de los clientes en las próximas semanas a finales de abril. Lamentablemente, algunos equipos de Cisco están pendientes de entrega hasta principios de abril. Mientras tanto, estamos añadiendo más proveedores de tránsito y compañeros para mejorar la conectividad dentro de la región. (actualizado 2015-03-10)

Frankfurt, Alemania

También estamos ampliando nuestra presencia europea con una implantación en Fráncfort (Alemania). Esto complementará nuestras instalaciones en el Reino Unido. Curiosamente, más del 35% de todo el tráfico europeo en la nube pasa por Fráncfort y esta ubicación permitirá a los clientes cumplir con la Ley Federal de Protección de Datos de Alemania (también conocida como Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG)) al alojar sus datos en suelo alemán. Además, Fráncfort está situado en el centro de la Europa continental, y creemos que será una gran ubicación para toda Europa.

El despliegue de Linode Frankfurt llegará en los próximos meses.

Tokio, Japón

Nuestro centro de Tokio ha sido un gran éxito. Tanto que hemos agotado todos los recursos disponibles allí. La oferta de linodes en Tokio es limitada y el centro de datos se agota con frecuencia. Aunque Singapur será una excelente alternativa para estar presentes en esta región, también estamos explorando un segundo centro de datos en Tokio.

Esté atento a los anuncios oficiales de estas nuevas ubicaciones y a otras novedades interesantes que se producirán próximamente.

Comentarios (121)

  1. Author Photo

    It is really good news,

    Do you plan some speed tests for this datacenters?
    It is best to test before to buy. Please update your page ( with new locations.

  2. Author Photo

    I look forward to seeing an ETA for the Linode Moon datacenter, for the off-site-est of failovers.

  3. Author Photo

    Will the Singapore DC be peering with Equinix?

  4. Author Photo

    Can we migrate our VPSes from London to Frankfurt, Germany on demand? Even with the reasonable fee.

  5. Author Photo

    Great! What about South America?

  6. Author Photo

    @Alexey – any VPS can be migrated, you just need to submit a ticket for it, as far as I know 🙂

  7. Author Photo

    @Chris: Looks like their resolvers are already up. Try a traceroute to

  8. Author Photo

    @james: Thanks, looks like it has the normal issue of most Australian carriers sending traffic via Hong Kong, Tokyo or the US.

  9. Author Photo

    congratulations! So happy for you!

  10. Author Photo

    Great, waiting for Singapore.
    Will move my linode there as soon as its launched.

  11. Author Photo

    Unfortunately the main cable from aus -> sg was cut (again) so yeah. Was getting good routes prior to that incident 🙂

  12. Author Photo

    Just looked it up and you are right the SEA-ME-WE-3 was cut again.

  13. Author Photo

    Amazing new year. Good to see three new locations.

  14. Author Photo

    Early days?

    Thailand to SG > 300ms. It is critical with Singapore to be on either the Equinix open peering exchange thing or SIX, even with a blend of Pacnet/NTT/whatever local/regional peering is essential. DigitalOcean were quick to realize this and now. But congratulations, I look forward to seeing this. Thanks

  15. Author Photo
  16. Author Photo

    I am been using Linode for last one year, and I will move to SG node once it is launched. Cheers.

  17. Author Photo

    WOOOO! Great job Linode!

  18. Author Photo

    Excellent, looking forward to Frankfurt, DE!

  19. Author Photo


    I hope the link USEU will be speeeeed

  20. Author Photo


    Of course, I will keep on holding out hope for an Aussie datacentre too. 🙂

    (And, I assume thanks to that cable cut mentioned by some commenters above, it’s currently 400ms to Singapore from my Western Australian location – via a nice tour of the west coast of the US!).

  21. Author Photo

    Very Good !

    I have a linode on Fremont, CA, USA. The speed of it is little slow (often more 190ms and packages missed) when accessed from China / Hong Kong.

    Today, I want to add a new linode on Tokyo, but the system tell me: “The plan you selected is not available. Please choose a different plan and try again”.

    Waiting for 2nd Tokyo datacenter ~


  22. Author Photo

    Excellent job, waiting for the Singapore datacenter!

  23. Author Photo

    thats great , i was thinking to get a London node to serve my visitors who are mostly in the middle east so i am definitely getting the Frankfurt one ,

    does anyone know the ip address for london i want to check the speed

  24. Author Photo

    Amazing News…welcome Linode SG
    I still waiting…
    I will move All my vps to LINODE SG…

  25. Author Photo

    I’m coming …

  26. Author Photo

    Just love Linode’s vps in Tokyo!!! ~40ms from where I am… fast, stable, nothing but excellence!!! Waiting for and looking forward to your upcoming products in Tokyo!!!

  27. Author Photo

    So excited for Linode SG !!!!

  28. Author Photo

    I hope Linode opens a new datacenter in Japan. Singapore is located at the heart of Southeast Asia with great connectivity, but as a born citizen actively engaged in local politics, I’m wary of my own non-transparent government and will never host any major server here. Look up our dismal press freedom index, human rights record, and repressive legislation if you think I’m being paranoid. We’re a modern police state.

  29. Author Photo

    @Stephen thanks, I’ll try to file a ticket as soon as Frankfurt is available

  30. Author Photo

    Great News!

    Hoping the Frankfurt DC will route through Telia and thus provide good connection via Russia to the nothern part of China, too!

  31. Author Photo

    Why doesn’t Linode open a datacenter in Vietnam? Renting a high quality VPS is so expensive in my country.

  32. Author Photo

    Tokyo please 😉

  33. Author Photo

    I’m sure, several of your Tokyo customers would move to Singapore once it’s operational. So you might not want to invest in Japan for the expansion.

  34. Author Photo

    Brazil soon please!

  35. Author Photo

    I like this service very much.

    Can you expand DC to South Korea? This will be stabler than Tokyo.

  36. Author Photo

    Im waiting your new DC on Singapore.

  37. Author Photo

    Waiting for Singapore datacenter. My curent VPS nearly offline.

  38. Author Photo
    Come on Singapore, launch!!!

    Come on Singapore, launch!!!

  39. Author Photo

    singapore….. come on!!!

  40. Author Photo

    It is good to hear that Singapore Datacenter will be available soon. Good job Linode!

  41. Author Photo

    Waiting for Singapore DC

  42. Author Photo

    Waiting for Tokyo Data Center!

  43. Author Photo

    Any ETA on the Frankfurt DC ? Eagerly awaiting the expansion.

  44. Christopher Aker

    Just added some pictures on Facebook of our new Cisco ASR9000 routers.

  45. Author Photo

    Hi @caker,

    Any ETA we can launch SG instance? Have customer that waiting migrate their SG based server. Thanks.

  46. Author Photo

    Waiting for 2nd Tokyo datacenter ~

  47. Author Photo

    Perhaps set up a mail notification list so we can be notified when the SG server is up? Looking forward to it.

  48. Author Photo

    Waiting for Singapore DC!

  49. Author Photo

    Any ETA on the Singapore DC. Waiting!

  50. Author Photo

    Looking forward to the second Tokyo DC, hope it to have better connections with Chinese ISPs, including China Telecom, especially during daily peak hours.

  51. Author Photo

    Waiting for Singapore DC, any update on that?

  52. Author Photo

    Will the Frankfurt datacenter be available in May?

    We are a German startup, who wants to lunch on 1st June and would prefer Linode over your closest competitior, who launched a German datacenter today. But we need some hosting at the end of May.

  53. Author Photo

    \w/aiting for Singapore DC, newest, fastest.

  54. Author Photo

    I think you should consider a new location in Taiwan to make Linode more outstanding. Why Google chose Taiwan in their recent expansion in Asia?

  55. Author Photo

    Second vote for Brazil

  56. Author Photo

    Waiting for Singapore DC

  57. Author Photo

    Hi Linode Team,

    Any information update about Frankfurt?

    Regards from Serbia.

  58. Author Photo

    We need the second Tokyo datacenter.

  59. Author Photo

    Soooo keen to see the SG datacentre open up – although right now I am still seeing 250ms pings to, while I get sub-200ms pings to fremont. Hope there are interconnect optimisations still to be made. Of course, an aussie DC would be even better, but would be surprised if the math worked out on that one!

  60. Author Photo

    (04/23/2015) Singapore DC – There’s been no news so far.

  61. Author Photo

    From Melbourne I get 100ms and 180ms Singapore going to be a great addition to the Linode stable.

  62. Author Photo

    I also just signed up because my friend has been running an instance in Tokyo and I was totally sold. And then I realized Tokyo is sold out only after I have already signed up and added funds to the account.


  63. Author Photo

    Waiting for Singapore DC!!

  64. Author Photo

    A datacenter in South America would be awesome, any plans for that?

  65. Author Photo

    Any update about Tokyo dc expansion? I’m waiting for that.

  66. Author Photo

    The question is who will be first to Australia. Linode or Digital Ocean?

  67. Author Photo

    Do your Japan servers care about DMCA? They are overseas.

  68. Author Photo

    What is going on with Tokyo expansion? The Tokyo DC is still about 6-9 times faster for data transfers in Japan than the SG DC. Very disappointing.

  69. Author Photo

    Any update about Tokyo dc expansion? I’m waiting for that.

  70. Author Photo

    Really need that Tokyo option. Just tried SG and it was terrible (from Thailand). Basically could not get any work done at all over ssh.

    Tokyo please.

  71. Author Photo

    +1 for Tokyo expansion…

  72. Author Photo

    I second the request for the linode in Southamerica, do you have an ETA?
    Thanks in advance,

  73. Author Photo

    Same here, need Tokyo VPS.

  74. Author Photo

    Great job Linode. Great expansions!

  75. Author Photo

    Please inform me when Tokyo DC becomes available.

  76. Author Photo

    +1 for South Korea!

  77. Author Photo

    Third vote for Brazil!

  78. Author Photo

    When it is avaliable Tokyo DC? Please informe me, THANK YOU!

  79. Author Photo

    Another vote for Australia :D.

    Singapore is currently slower then US 😀

  80. Author Photo

    Singapore DC could not replace Japanese one. Especially for Japanese & Korean clients. So it would be nice to get one of these locations asap

  81. Author Photo

    Waiting for Tokyo DC!!!!!

  82. Author Photo

    A thousand votes for Linode Brazil 😉

  83. Author Photo

    If possible, South America++

  84. Author Photo

    Please implement a data centre in Canada!
    I have two name-servers hosted with you and would love to move the rest of my business to you as well if only you had hosting in Canada.

  85. Author Photo

    Speedtest from China Telecom shows that Singapore DC is as slow as US DC (ping >240ms). This is actually a problem. Japan DC is excellent here (ping <80ms).

    We are expecting more Japan DCs, or faster Singapore DC. Come on, linoders!

  86. Author Photo

    I’m waiting for the 2nd Japan DC. Please do it quickly.

  87. Author Photo

    Please add a South America datacenter!!! Argentina preferred.

  88. Author Photo

    Wait for South Korea or Japan.

  89. Author Photo

    Waiting for Tokyo DC for a long long time …
    still Waiting for Tokyo DC!!!!!

  90. Author Photo


    It has been more than a year since the announcement of possible DC expansions in some regions, but we are still waiting for Tokyo…
    Could you please share any news about near future plans?

  91. Author Photo

    I just signed up and then cancelled my subscription because I didn’t notice Tokyo datacenter was “sold out”. It’s been over a year since the above announcement- any ETA on rollout in Tokyo? There’s obviously demand 🙂

  92. Author Photo

    Please provide another datacenter option in Japan and/or Korea.

  93. Author Photo

    For the greater China region, Hong Kong centers are usually much faster than Tokyo and Singapore ones.

    Really looking forward to Linode in Hong Kong.

  94. Author Photo

    Been waiting for Tokyo or Korea for so long. Now it’s 1.5 year after expansion plan was announced. Seems a very difficult job to add datacenter in Tokyo?

  95. Author Photo

    Esp Brisbane.

  96. Author Photo

    Hey guys, any plan on bringing a Canadian linnode? Montréal or Toronto would be appreciated 😀

  97. Author Photo
    Melhor Hospedagem


    Do you have any plans for South American Datacenter, like São Paulo?
    Would be great for Brazilian users of cloud hosting.


    Melhor Hospedagem team

  98. Author Photo

    Equinix Tokyo facilities worth considering, please check it out, if your current provider cant provide expansion options…

    Equinix TY2 has lots of networks :

    With the Bit-isle acquisition, Equinix now has three other locations – TY6, TY7 and TY8 – in the same campus, offering new capacity for customers who seek low-latency connections to the network providers in Equinix TY2.

    For your information…

  99. Author Photo

    The ping of Singapore server is slow as US ones, but I cannot sign up the sold out Tokyo server.. Hope Australia servers be introduced soon.

  100. Author Photo

    Linode no Brasil…..Seria um sonho..!

  101. Author Photo

    I hope South Korea, too.

  102. Author Photo

    What about Brazil/Sao Paulo? ?

  103. Author Photo

    Brazil/Sao Paulo please 🙂

  104. Author Photo

    Aws recently started billing as our local currency BRL. It would be interesting to have you here too.

    • Author Photo

      Hey there Hélio – thanks for the feedback. Both billing in local currencies, and having a South America data center are things we’ve been looking into. I’ve gone ahead and added your request for each to our internal feature tracker. Any announcements for these would be posted right here on the blog.

  105. Author Photo

    Brasil with “s”, with “z”, it doesn’t matter. It is important to have Linode closer, please!

    • Jessica Yoo

      Thanks for your interest, Fernando! We’ll make a note of your request and will keep it in mind when we consider new data center locations.

  106. Author Photo

    Hey guys, are you planning to have a data center in Brazil or at least South America?

    I’m looking to move from Vultr US data center as the ping is too high (~120ms, while having a data center in Brazil would make it like ~20-30ms), but no host provider is mature enough in South America, besides AWS or GCP or Azure, but both are totally different level of customer service and prices, so they don’t make any sense for SMBs.

    Linode in Brazil would be perfect for a bunch of countries nearby like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil… ~500 millions of customers and businesses here waiting for this dream become true! LOL

    Please take this in consideration for your next move. Thanks

    • Author Photo

      Hey Breno!

      Thanks for the in-depth comment. We’ve received requests for a Brazil data center in the past and this is something that’s under consideration. We don’t have an ETA just yet, but we’ll make sure to create a blog post when we have more information. I’ve also included your request on our internal tracker.

  107. Author Photo

    Just another vote for Brazil. Sao Paulo or Curitiba would be great. Even Belo Horizonte or Florianopolis.

  108. Author Photo

    +1 For Brazil, Sao Paulo.

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