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Arch Linux 0.7.1

Arch Linux 0.7.1 ya está disponible a través de su asistente de distribución local.



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    This is great.

    FYI, the hosts.deny file defaults to ALL and SSH isn’t installed by default so you will have to ssh into via

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    login as root

    [code]pacman -Sy # synchronise the package databases
    pacman -S openssh # install opensshd
    echo sshd: ALL >>/etc/hosts.allow # allow access to it[/code]

    alternatively, you could replace that last line with:
    [code]echo ALL: ALL: ALLOW >>/etc/hosts.allow # allow all hosts through (essentially disabling the check)[/code]

    then you’re going to want to edit /etc/rc.conf and find the daemons array close to the bottom (line 85), and edit it to include sshd, for example:
    [code]DAEMONS=(syslog-ng !hotplug !pcmcia network netfs crond sshd)[/code]

    You can also add your other daemons to that array (httpd, mysqld, etc) as long as it (or you) puts an rc script in /etc/rc.d/ that launches with the standard ‘[i]scriptname[/i] start’. You can put [i]scriptname[/i] into the daemons array to have it start/stopped on boot/shutdown.

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