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BlogStoccaggioLo stoccaggio è aumentato del 20%

Lo stoccaggio è aumentato del 20%

È la stagione dei regali, quindi abbiamo appena aggiunto il 20% di spazio di archiviazione in più a tutti i nostri piani! Apprezziamo molto i nostri clienti e siamo lieti di continuare la nostra tradizione di aggiungere valore e aumentare le risorse. L'offerta è disponibile immediatamente sia per i clienti nuovi che per quelli esistenti.

Linode 512 passa da 20GB a 24GB
Linode 1GB passa da 40GB a 48GB
Linode 2GB va da 80GB a 96GB
Linode 4GB va da 160GB a 192GB
Linode 8GB va da 320GB a 384GB
Linode 12GB va da 480GB a 576GB
Linode 20GB passa da 800GB a 960GB

È possibile utilizzare questo spazio ridimensionando le immagini disco esistenti o creando nuove immagini e allegandole al profilo di configurazione.

Apprezziamo molto la vostra attività e siamo lieti di poter migliorare continuamente i nostri servizi. Grazie e buon divertimento!

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  2. Author Photo

    yay!! long time 🙂

  3. Author Photo

    And this is why you get my business!

    You guys rock! Merry Christmas.

  4. Author Photo
  5. Author Photo

    Yet another free upgrade! Thanks a lot! 😀

  6. Author Photo

    Great Service, Great Customer Support, Great Prices, Great Incentives, Everything about this company is just Great!!!

  7. Author Photo

    Thanks a lot Linode. That space will come in handy this year!

  8. Author Photo

    How much does the 768 plan get?

  9. Christopher Aker

    @iggy: +20%, just like the rest.

  10. Author Photo

    Thank you!!! And if anyone is wondering why Linode storage is so limited compared to other companies then know that high performance and redundant storage is not cheap.

    See for why I am still sticking with Linode VPS.

  11. Author Photo

    Excellent, thanks!

  12. Author Photo
  13. Author Photo
  14. Author Photo

    Incredible. My linode used up 94% of the disk, just right on time 😉

    Thank you.

  15. Author Photo

    Fantastic. I’ve only been with Linode two years. The Linode 512 plan had 16GB storage at the time, so this represents a very generous 50% increase over two years! Thanks again to Linode staff.

  16. Author Photo

    Thank you! What a kind gift. Also, your instructions were clear and the process was easy. I’ve already performed the upgrade with no trouble.

  17. Author Photo

    Do grandfathered “pay yearly” accounts get the 50% bonus on this extra space? I seem to have 34Gb, which would be 20Gb+50%+4Gb

    (Not complaining; I’m not using all 30Gb at the moment; just want to be clear on what this means).


  18. Author Photo

    Excellent, thanks! Merry Christmas.

  19. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode 🙂

    Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year 🙂

  20. Author Photo

    Will you look into increasing bandwidth?

  21. Author Photo

    Yeah baby! You guys rock, love the service!

  22. Author Photo

    Many Thanks. Greetings.

  23. Author Photo

    Great & Merry Christmas 🙂

  24. Author Photo

    For sure choosing linode is a correct decision!

  25. Author Photo

    Thanks for this gift! Love you guys

  26. Author Photo

    Excellent – thanks.

  27. Author Photo

    Thank you! 🙂

  28. Author Photo

    Thanks. Linode rocks.

  29. Author Photo

    Thanks :>

  30. Author Photo

    Merry Christmas Linode! Thank you!
    Here’s to more business with you next year!

  31. Author Photo

    Thank you, Linode! And this is why I love the service you provide! I’ve been waiting for this, as I thought it might come one day!

  32. Author Photo

    Thanks for much for the early Christmas present, guys!
    Just one more reason to love Linode 🙂

  33. Author Photo

    Thank you, have a great Holiday Season.

  34. Author Photo

    Thanks Linode! Great service and loyalty to customers as always 🙂 Merry Christmas to you all!

  35. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode Team.

    Wishing you Merry X’Mas and a prosperous New Year

  36. Author Photo

    Every day I check the linode blog, awaiting an upgrade announcement.

    And now it’s here!!

  37. Author Photo

    Thanks a lot guys!

  38. Author Photo

    What a nice Christmas present! Thanks guys!

  39. Author Photo

    Thanks Linode guys! Glad your business is growing so much you can afford to give us these upgrades.

  40. Author Photo

    So awesome I decided to subscribe to the backup service!

  41. Author Photo

    Awesome. Just when i was considering moving all my stuff to AWS 🙂

  42. Author Photo

    Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!

  43. Author Photo
  44. Author Photo
  45. Author Photo

    Thank you so much Caker and Linode. Merry Christmas!!

  46. Author Photo

    Nice, increase bandwidth would be great too 🙂

  47. Author Photo

    awesome linode… thanks for that… i just noticed it….

    you guys rock for real

    – d

  48. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode!

    Happy New year!

    Great and excellent VSP provider, keep up the good work!

  49. Author Photo

    Thanks, LA RAJA!!!!

  50. Author Photo

    Thank you!

    Happy New Year!

  51. Author Photo

    Thank you very much! You guys are fabulous in every way and I recommend linode. This kind of service is why I stick with you. The extra space will be very helpful. I have a very old ubuntu (hardy) and was worried about what might break if I do a mass update. Now maybe I can try it out first.

  52. Author Photo

    Third year customer. With Linode hosting – one less problem in my life 🙂

  53. Author Photo
  54. Author Photo

    On behalf of AVRO dx team, I’d like to thank you for the upgrade. This was most appreciated.

  55. Author Photo

    Thank you, Linode! You rock!

  56. Author Photo

    Great, Thank You.

  57. Author Photo

    Thank you very much!

  58. Author Photo

    A very belated thank you and happy new year!

  59. Author Photo
    Luís Pedro Algarvio

    great!!! thanks =)

  60. Author Photo

    Maybe Transfer increase too?

  61. Author Photo

    The extra space is a big help thanks guys!

  62. Author Photo

    Thank you so much!!
    I love your service!

  63. Author Photo

    I understand that the fast redundant storage is expensive and why it is limited, but I could really use some slow and cheap but large storage attached to a VPS too. Would you ever consider this?

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