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BlogLinodePiù RAM, doppio XFER, nessun costo di installazione

Più RAM, doppio XFER, nessun costo di installazione

Non l'hai chiesto, ma lo stai ricevendo lo stesso! Ho gettato la prudenza al vento, sono salita sul treno della follia, ho perso le mie rotelle e..:

➡ Aumento della RAM
➡ Raddoppiato l'XFER
➡ Eliminate le spese di configurazione per le nuove iscrizioni

Linode 256 diventa [b]Linode 300[/b] con 200GiB XFER
Linode 384 diventa [b]Linode 450[/b] con 300GiB XFER
Linode 512 diventa [b]Linode 600[/b] con 400GiB XFER
Linode 768 diventa [b]Linode 900[/b] con 600GiB XFER
Linode 1024 diventa [b]Linode 1200[/b] con 800GiB XFER

Per ulteriori informazioni, consultare la pagina [url=]prodotti[/url].

Per sfruttare la nuova RAM, riavviare Linode.

I nostri prezzi sono folli.

-Chris (alias, caker pazzo)

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    Thank you as always – always great to get "more bang for your buck".

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    Indeed. Another plan upgrade so soon? 😀 😀 😀

  3. Author Photo


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    You’ll have the whole seat, but you’ll only need the EDGE

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    [quote:9b9ad227ae=”caker”]You didn’t ask for it, but you’re getting it anyway! I’ve thrown caution to the wind, boarded the crazy train, lost my marbles, and:

    ➡ Increased the RAM
    ➡ Doubled the XFER
    ➡ Eliminated setup fees for new signups

    Linode 256 becomes [b]Linode 300[/b] with 200GiB XFER
    Linode 384 becomes [b]Linode 450[/b] with 300GiB XFER
    Linode 512 becomes [b]Linode 600[/b] with 400GiB XFER
    Linode 768 becomes [b]Linode 900[/b] with 600GiB XFER
    Linode 1024 becomes [b]Linode 1200[/b] with 800GiB XFER

    Check the [url=]products[/url] page for more information.

    To take advantage of the new RAM, please reboot your Linode.

    Our prices are INSANE.

    -Chris (aka, crazy caker)[/quote]

    May you never find your marbles.

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    Are you guys just trying to drive the competition out of the market?

    Next you’ll be increasing disk space again, then migrating to even faster machines, then more memory again then you’ll start having people come into our houses to wash the dishes and vacuum the carpets…. (actually I’ll pay an extra $5/month for that last service :-))

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    All [i]right[/i]! Thanks Caker!

    Edit: I set up my home box to ping my Linode, and then clicked "Reboot". I was of course expecting a minute or two of dropped packets, which would indicate exactly when my Linode was down and then up.

    But the pings never stopped… Upon investigation the duration of the startup job was listed as 1 second, and sure enough, my Linode’s uptime indicated a recent reboot, and the new RAM was there. Caker, is this some fancy new quickboot feature?

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    [quote:4074cd5f59=”Xan”]Caker, is this some fancy new quickboot feature?[/quote]
    Nope. When people have init scripts that don’t hang on shutdown and the like (read: configured correctly) reboots are very quick.

    BTW, Boot jobs will always report back a duration of just a few seconds — that’s how long the host took to process the job, not the actual startup time of your Linode and all its init scripts, etc.


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    Man, this is awesome. Thanks for the great service.

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    You guys are legends mate. It’s why whenever anyone asks me about virtual servers, is the ONLY place I tell them to check out. Great prices, Excellent service, and then along comes more RAM and double Xfers. Absolutely unbloodybelievable. Kudos to you all.
    Cheers 😀

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    Hi Caker,

    ➡ Increased the RAM
    ➡ Doubled the XFER
    ➡ Eliminated setup fees for new signups

    Wow, as per usual, thanks for the upgrades! I have had 100% availability and uptime since my previous upgrade – that’s saying a lot for Linode!


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    Thanks Caker, Superb Service.

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    [quote]Are you guys just trying to drive the competition out of the market?[/quote]

    That’s the name of the game 🙂

    It’s a really simple formula: Provide a better service for a competitive price and you’ll get the customers.

    I’m glad I went with Linode.. Definitely.

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    Simply awesome.

    Caker you’ve blown your `top`. Get a grep!

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    I’m amazed! I am going to whore this company out to all my friends. GOOD JOB!

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