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Debian 5.0 (Lenny)

Debian 5.0 (nome in codice "Lenny") è ora disponibile per l'installazione tramite la procedura guidata della distro per sia i386 che x86_64.

Se è stata installata una versione precedente di Debian , si può consultare ladocumentazione di Debian per scoprire come effettuare l'aggiornamento.

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    The Lenny image works very nicely. Thanks alot!

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    Will Gentoo be updated to 2008.0 any time soon too?

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    @Thom: that isn’t needed. Once installed, Gentoo is “stateless” – i.e. a fully updated 2007.0 install is more or less identical to a fully updated 2008.0 install. The yearly releases are just to support installs on the newest hardware (and since linodes run Xen or UML, the hardware setup doesn’t change). So 2008.0 isn’t really needed.

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    Thank you. I decided to cause myself some additional headache in transitioning a server from another host running Etch, to a Linode running Lenny. Rather than just using an Etch slice. I am super happy to report, that it was *easier* than my last transition. And every test I run, performance is better out of the box than my last Etch build. Kudos to the Debian team, and you guys for getting the build pushed out so quickly. Cheers.

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    @Mike: What you say is true, however it sucks to have to update everything straight away. Also, the upgrade process from 2007.0 requires some manual intervention to upgrade to the latest portage (upgrading portage and bash block each other).

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    You are perfect!

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    Mike: Also the 2007.0 has the whole expat update which is pretty annoying. I would expect the 2007.0 profile to be pretty outdated soon too (diffucult to update from?).

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