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IPv6 nativo ora disponibile in tutte le località

In vista del lancio mondiale dell'IPv6 il 6 giugno 2012, abbiamo lavorato duramente per rendere disponibile l'IPv6 a tutti i clienti Linode in modo che possano partecipare. Siamo felici di annunciare che l'IPv6 è ora disponibile in tutte e sei le nostre sedi nel mondo!

Se si desidera abilitare l'IPv6 per il Linode esistente, basta navigare nella scheda Accesso remoto di Linode Manager e fare clic sul link "Abilita IPv6". Una volta riavviato, il Linode avrà un indirizzo IPv6 nativo pronto all'uso. I nuovi Linode e i Linode che migrano da una sede all'altra saranno automaticamente abilitati all'IPv6.

In alternativa, NodeBalancers può essere usato come endpoint IPv6 senza che sia necessario abilitare IPv6 sui Linode di backend.

Ulteriori informazioni sono disponibili alla pagina IPv6 FAQ.

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    Constantine A. Murenin

    This is great news! Also nice is that finally (London) is available via IPv6, too, as of a few days ago!

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    Stellar news! Congrats to the Linode team for being ready for this epic day in history.

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    Can’t knock progress… although I have just added ipv6.disable=1 to my kern line due to dhcp issues with older routers, this stuff seems problematic as much as it is desperately required..

    >Alternatively, NodeBalancers can be used as an IPv6 >endpoint without you needing to actually enable IPv6 on >your backend Linodes

    Interesting, I would of thought ipv6 the backend would be the most pragmatic first step?

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    Why is IPv6 important?

  5. Author Photo


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    Great news! Thanks for all your efforts!

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    So glad to hear that IPv6 will be coming soon!

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    Benjamin – not “soon”, “now”:

    “We’re happy to announce that IPv6 is now available in all six of our locations across the world!”

    Linode crew: thanks! I’m fully IPv6’d up now.

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    A STUN server requires two IPs. Does it make any sense to use the IPv6 IP as the second IP?

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    Cloud Computing which required reboots? Yeah. right.

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    So, with ipv6 now available…
    We can technically enabled this on our linodes, and I have done this already last year for one of my VPN’s.

    But how do I go about and test if ipv6 really works for my websites?

    Is there a VPN we can connect to? Here on my location (Ecuador) ipv6 is no where near to be seen so from a simple home connection there is no way I can test if my server responses properly to ipv6 requests.

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    Of course you can. Head to and sign up for a free tunnel.
    If you want the tunnel end-point to be at your router, you have two choices: Have or get an IPv6 capable router or if you have almost any Linksys router available, replace the original firmware with one from
    Have fun.

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    Proactive as always!

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    This is awesome news!

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    Could you please post information about how much ipv6 traffic that your server centers now utilize, after this launch? It would be very interesting!

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