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Now In Beta: Linode Cloud Firewall


Today, Linode is proud to introduce our Cloud Firewall beta; this free product enables customers to set up an additional layer of security on their cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Firewall enhances the level of control you have over who can reach your web application or data by filtering traffic at the Linode network level. Cloud Firewall is easy to set up in Cloud Manager. You can apply up to three Cloud Firewalls to each of your Linodes at a time.

Cloud Firewall works as an allowlist with an implicit deny rule. When enabled, it blocks all inbound traffic by default. Only network traffic that meets the parameters of the configured rules will pass through. If there are no outbound rules set, all outbound traffic is permitted.

Cloud Firewall is the next step to further simplify cloud infrastructure management on Linode. This free service is designed to be extremely scalable based on a range of use cases and makes security best practices more accessible to all Linode customers.

Join the Beta

Linode is looking for users to test and provide feedback on Cloud Firewall. This beta is currently active in our Sydney, Mumbai, and Toronto data centers. Any Linode user is welcome to participate, but you will need to create resources in one of these data centers.

To join the beta, sign in or sign up for a Linode Account, then open a ticket  with Linode Support with “Firewall Beta Access” in the ticket summary. While you’re waiting to access the beta, you can read our guide on Adding and Configuring Linode Cloud Firewall.

Cloud Firewall will move into general availability and roll out to our remaining data centers in the coming months, based on your feedback. Keep an eye on our blog, sign up for our monthly newsletter, or follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates.

Firewall Beta Availability last updated on December 11, 2020.

Comments (9)

  1. Laurens Van Acker

    Looks great! How will this work together with the managed Kubernetes? Will it allow to add all (future) servers from the cluster?

    • pwoods

      Hey Laurens – as this new product is still in beta testing, we don’t have a specific answer for how it will work with LKE. We’d love for you to try it out and share any feedback you have.

      Once we complete testing, we intend to roll this out to all data centers, though there isn’t an ETA on when or which data centers would be first.

  2. Simon Bruce-Cassidy

    And here I was just about to contact support to find out how to set up firewall rules… Great job, humans! 🙂

  3. Jeryl Cook

    great, what is the time frame for the NJ data centers?

    • Regina Daniels

      Hey Jeryl! We don’t have a release date for our other data centers just yet. But we’ll be sure to mention it on our blog when we have more information.

  4. GS Delain

    I was just about to contact Linode Support to see if they might plan on implementing an account level web-based firewall! We must be on some psychic wavelength, because here we are–it was just released!

  5. Atul Host

    Finally the most needed feature is here, just waiting for official launch.

  6. wangxang

    It is worth noting: whether it can be officially released before 2021

    • rgerke

      While we don’t have a specific date for this to enter into general availability, we encourage you to try it out in beta. We’d love your feedback.

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