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Understanding Databases

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Deploy High-Performance Database 
Clusters in Modern Applications

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Develop a high-level understanding of industry-standard databases, the design of database architectures, and different deployment methods in the cloud. You’ll also get a preview of our practical project application designed by Justin Mitchel of Coding for Entrepreneurs. This project illustrates how to use Django, Docker, and Linode Managed Databases together. Register to receive the full version of this ebook that includes the step-by-step instructions when it becomes available later this month.

Understanding Managed Databases eBook

The extended version of Understanding Databases includes “Deploy Django to Linode Using a Managed MySQL Database” In this practical section, we’ll explore how to sustainably and efficiently deploy Django into production on Linode. Each chapter goes step-by-step with production-ready code available on our GitHub.

Since this is book is about deploying Django into production, we’re going to limit the amount of manual work and opt for as much automation work as possible. To do this, we’re going to be focusing on these core areas:

  • CI/CD with Git, GitHub, and GitHub Actions
  • Django on Docker and DockerHub (as well as using WatchTower)
  • Load balancing with Nginx
  • Production databases with managed MySQL by Linode
  • Local/development use of production-like databases
  • Terraform to provision Infrastructure on Linode
  • Ansible to configure infrastructure on Linode (in tandem with Terraform)
  • Django-based file uploads and Django static files on Linode Object Storage

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