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Linode expands into Europe!


For a while now we’ve recommended our Newark and Atlanta datacenters to our European customers, which both have under 100 ms latency to the UK. However, there is nothing better than having your services closer to you and your clients. So today, we are proud to announce a brand new Linode deployment in London, England, UK!

This new deployment is located at Telecity Group’s state-of-the-art Powergate facility (tour) with peering to many well connected providers including Deutsche Telekom, Interoute, Level3, PCCW-BTN, Telia and Tiscali.  You can use our speedtest page to test latency and download speeds.

Our new London facility has immediate availability.  Please open a support ticket if you’d like to migrate your existing Linode to London.  Alternatively, you can add a new London Linode to your account and clone your existing Linode to it. When you remove your original Linode you will receive a prorated credit for the unused time.

In response to your requests for a European presence, we’ve had this effort in development for many months and are extremely pleased to be able to go live today.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by derekbroderick: OMG! Linodes in London!

  2. Wow! I’m in Atlantic Canada, so the Newark spot made me happy, but it’s great news for all of those folks wishing for a London Linode. Great work! 🙂

  3. Awesome! I’m from Europe and today is my first day with Linode. I was going to go with Newark as I saw that you actually launched your London datacenter today! Now that’s service!

  4. That’s a fantastic news for us, European customers!

    Thanks Linode for all your amazing work


  5. It’s great! Just working on project in UK and was looking for server in UK.
    I’m a your customer and have one server in Newark, but was looking for same quality in UK.

  6. Cool. We may have a use for one of these at work.

    It would rock hugely if you setup an Australian datacenter now.

  7. Fantastic news. Well done guys 🙂

  8. I’m sure a lot of people will like this.

  9. I’ll post a ticket right away!

  10. Congrats on the expansion guys — very happy as a customer from London =)

  11. This is fantastic news! Thank you so much for listening to us!

  12. Will it be possible to get purchase prof that is acceptable by european (i.e. Polish) Tax Office?

  13. Fantastic work guys! I look forward to migrating soon 🙂

  14. This is great news! I am a UK customer so I’ll be opening a ticket soon.
    Are there any limitations? i.e no ipv6 (or 6to4) or IRC ?

  15. 1. no limitation on irc ports
    2. raid-10.
    3. same server specs as other datacenters
    4. no beta backup

  16. This is fantastic news. At the company I work for, we’ve been struggling to find a decent VPS hosting provider based in the UK for a while now. I cannot tell you how much this is like music to my ears =D

  17. Congratulations on this very important milestone, Linode. 🙂

  18. Great news! Although I was very happy with our Newark VPS’s, it is a very wise decision and much appreciated!

    Keep up the good work

  19. Very nice work, Linode. First the US, then the UK, THEN THE WORLD! Lol. No really, congrats.

  20. This is fantastic news!

    My first London Linode is already deployed!

  21. How can we tell how much capacity there is in the European datacentre?

  22. Great! I’ll prepare the migration soon.

  23. Great news! I’ve been looking to move my hosting to some one like you guys for months but this is the deal closer for me. I’ve been looking for a UK based vps with your service/feature set for months but now I can just move everything to you guys.

    Great move and keep up the good work

  24. @rsclarke: Linode still doesn’t offer IPv6, but the London data center has a *great* connection to Hurricane Electric’s London IPv6 tunnel server.

    @Mark Dobson: as always.

  25. Congratulations Linode and thank you!

  26. @Mark: Have a look at to see how many spaces are left; however, don’t forget that we are deploying new hardware all the time, so these numbers change more quickly than you think.

  27. I never though you’d actually ever do this. Thank you guys!

  28. This is fantastic news, I’m migrating my Linode right now 🙂 Thankyou so much! You guys made it very easy to migrate too, and very quick responses to support tickets.

  29. Amazing News! Only been with Linode a few days and have been really impressed with the service, had only one gripe and that was the ~100ms RTT. Who would have thought a couple of days later there would be instant availability in the UK. Keep up the outstanding work!

  30. Thank you! Have already moved my server without a hitch, and it’s already great, thanks so much guys!

  31. Been transferring for over 2 hours now, but unfortunately it’s now down to less than 1.5MB/s and nearly 7 hours left to completion. Oh well, should be done sometime in the morning.

    Thanks so much for providing this! 🙂

  32. I hope linode would have an Asian DC too! (Preferably South Korea or Japan)

  33. I asked for the migration and got a response in 2 minutes. Impresive service, guys! The migration is over and everything is up and running again. Thanks a lot, and best regards from Spain.

  34. Just migrate my site to UK 🙂
    It’s like order a pizza and wait!

    Nice job …

  35. YEAH! Finally!!

  36. That is great! Now if only Godaddy would use DNS to balance requests so that the european datacenter would get requests for the europoean visitors 🙂

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  38. Been transferring for over 2 hours now, but unfortunately it’s now down to less than 1.5MB/s and nearly 7 hours left to completion. Oh well, should be done sometime in the morning.

  39. That’s great news! Expanding beyond USA to the rest of the world.

    Asian DC next? I have been waiting for many months…

  40. This is fantastic news guys! Thank you so much!

  41. I have been waiting for this for quite some time.

  42. […] hosted in Europe, as Linode announced that they’ve opened a datacenter in London. Read their blog article here for more […]

  43. Thanks, finally I can get even less latency to my server. It migrated from Newark successfully over night, taking just 1h45m (which is around 6.5 minutes/mibibyte).

    Once again, thanks for coming to Europe!

  44. Thats awesome, welcome low pings!

  45. I migrated last night. The support ticket was handled within a couple of minutes and the network speed increase is noticeable. I am now downloading files through ssh at 1.55MB/s where I was only getting 200KB/s from Newark.

    While you are waiting, make sure you change your DNS over to the new IP address.

  46. Finally clever guys clever solutions. I luv linode!

  47. About 30ms from Germany to London, versus 100ms to Newark. Really nice 🙂

  48. w000t! Nice step ahead of the rest again!

  49. Put a support request in for the migration – response inside 2 minutes, 10 minutes later server migrated and up and running in London 🙂

    Guys / Gals – awesome service, I’ve never seen anything like it!

    If the management read this I demand you buy them all beer + pizza / immediately! 😉

  50. I’ve been waiting for EU/UK based Linodes ever since I signed up. THANK YOU! Excellent job guys.

    My employer also uses the Powergate Acton (West London) data centre. It is very new and indeed awesome 🙂

  51. Fanastic! Hope some day i can have a linode in Hong Kong! Great Service!

  52. “Our new London facility has immediate availability. ”

    I has immediate too!

  53. […] night I read Linode’s announcement that they have opened a new data centre in London, and jumped at the opportunity. I’ve been […]

  54. Congratulations guys. You’ve gone from strength to strength. Can’t wait till you expand further and have an Australasian presence 🙂

  55. Totally awesome news for us european customers! 😀

    You amaze me time and time again…

    /A very happy swedish customer

  56. Awesome. Now we can stop using horrid OpenVZ solutions from other companies. 🙂

    Ordered, setup, and as always great.

  57. Congrats on the expansion, next stop Sydney!

  58. Oh yeah, now this is what i’m talking about.
    Just got moved to London, Counter Strike:Source is now actually playable on my own server 😀

    Regards from Wales,

  59. This is excellent. Will all payments remain in US$? (This is absolutely fine, just asking)

  60. Can’t belive this! I came here to cancel my account because I needed to have VPS in europe. Then this news!!! OMG!! =)

    Linode is and will be the BEST!! Thank you guys!!

  61. @Moses – It would be nice to see linode have a DC in Sydney but bandwidth here in Australia is a rip off right now.

  62. Any chance of getting a data center in Australia? 🙂

    Pinging my current US-based Linode I get around 240ms ping.

  63. Pleaseeee.. came to Brazil 🙂

  64. This is beautiful. Linode is such a rare jewel, I’m even proud to be one of your customers.

    Congratulations on this new development!

    Once you guys get something in Asia (taiwan or japan?), I will officialy have to tatoo your logo… on my dog :-p


  65. I like the sound of a London Linode option, but my download from the Speedtest sight is coming in at sub-dialup speeds right now! Decent latency – 30-40ms – but 30+% packet loss on the Telecity side of LINX, so my download failed at 59kbytes after a couple of minutes at less than 1 kbyte/sec.

    I’d actually contemplated shifting the Linode I’ve had for about five years (in Fremont – back before Linode had any other DCs, I think!) to Newark to get the lower latency there, but changing IP addresses would be a pain.

    Having said that, I do have a UK virtual server now, but barely use it since it’s much less powerful (and more expensive!) than my Linode; replacing it with a second Linode might be good next month when it’s up for renewal…

  66. I will be happy if you plan to Singapore 🙂

  67. I booked one Linode here in the EU immediately. I’ve been waiting for this so long! 🙂

    ~35ms ping from my Linode to Hungarian servers. It is a huge improvement over those ~150ms ping times from the US.

    Keep up the good work!

  68. You guys rock!

    <3 my linodes!

  69. Great News!

    Would be nice to have one in Australia 🙂 data rates and ping times are a little slow to my current linode.

  70. Great timing, it seems LINX went pear-shaped yesterday afternoon which was killing my download attempt! I’m getting 3.4Mbyte/sec on the London node now, 400kbyte/sec on Fremont, 700kbyte/sec from Newark and 290kbyte/sec from Atlanta. Moving could make sense…

  71. […] I haven’t moved myself, but my server is now hosted in the new Linode datacenter located in […]

  72. Linode service is awesome. Thank you Linode.
    (When we’ll have one in Brazil?)

  73. The next one shall be in Asia, probably Hong Kong?

  74. Congratulations, Linode! How about Tokyo in a year or two? 170 ms ping time is too much. Looking forward to it! Don’t get scared by the language…

  75. Great news! It ‘s good that we now have even more choice.

  76. Cool! I signed up immediately!

  77. Congrats and thank you, guys! Keep your nice work.

  78. Very good move… I’ve often wanted a UK-based server but been put off by the lack of decent provision in virtual servers. No more!

  79. Please note that the migration can take quite a while!

    Make your images as small as possible. I’ve experienced speeds of only 80KB/s so migration can mean a LOT of downtime.

    I love the fact that my servers can be in Europe now, but the estimate of a migration duration of 10-15 minutes/gig is not at all realistic.

    My first attempt (which was without shrunken disks and would have taken 28 hours to complete at 70KB/s!) was aborted after a cry for help on irc.

    Now it is sunday morning (I picked a time when the internet tubes would be relatively empty), but still get only 120KB/s.

    Please give a warning to the users that might want to migrate and do not underestimate the downtime!

  80. Good job Linode! I would like to see expansion to Australia in future.

  81. I already migrated my personal linode to London and everything is really faster from here (Greece). Even with decent transfer speeds, the latency slows things down when loading complicated web pages or reading mail through imap.

    I’m currently migrating a work’s linode with more than 2.5MB/sec speed. I really like the option to queue the migration’s jobs – migrate, resize, boot – so i don’t have to wait awake to boot the system. Not to mention the faster-than-light response to tickets….

    Great service! Thank you!

  82. @Ger: seems there was/is a routing issue between Fremont and London causing the long transfer time. The average has been less than 10 minutes per GB.

  83. FYI the IP’s for the UK linodes are coming back as US based incase anyone has issues …

  84. For example on a GEOIP ( just shortened URL )

  85. Will we be able to pay in UKP & Euros?

  86. Unbelievably fast – I’m getting an *average* 9ms ping to my new London linode. It’s like it’s on my home network. Rock on.

  87. Congrats Linode, would also love to see an Australian Datacenter come online sometime in the future!

  88. Awesome! This automatically make my decision easier. I’m switching to Linode.

  89. sealed the deal, was trying to figure out how to put our dev server in london and test+production linodes in the US, you guys just keep getting better

  90. This is a great news.
    Any plans in India in the near term? For India focused sites – which DC is good?

  91. I also would love an Australian data centre 🙂

  92. Very good! I’ll be happy to see a data center in Turkey too 🙂

  93. Please support Alipay like Godaddy does!

  94. Good news! Congratulations!
    I would love to have it in Australia too. 🙂 I’m sure it would be a huge success.

  95. Could you guys provide data centers in Australia? Now that’d be really great!

  96. I just see this great news.


  97. As an Australian user, I’d love to see linode in Australia. But in the meantime very happy with my linode 360 in CA for the 2nd year 🙂

  98. Thank you. This is a really awesome move from Linode.

  99. I’m in love with Linode… now even more!!! 😀

    Keep working hard guys 😉

  100. This really is great news, if you have another centre in Asia (Singapore/ Hong Kong) then you would be complete.

  101. Great news! I’ll be using it very soon.

    I hope you guys can manage to open another centre in Asia and South America as well

  102. ping is 50ms from france

  103. Great! Congrats! Any chance of a Hong Kong location in the near future?

  104. You’re probably already tired from this step, but it would be great to see offerings in strategic places around the globe, such as South Africa, Australia, India China, or Japan.

  105. That’s a fantastic news for us, European customers!

  106. I was evaluating both linode and AWS for my project. Now that u have a datacenter in europe I have no more doubts!

    Cool! Congrats.

  107. How to choose datacenter?

  108. Haha, glad I’m not the only Australian wanting a local data centre. It’s like working over dialup when I SSH into the Linode US server (but with an uptime of over 1000 days I can’t really complain.)

    Wouldn’t really bother me about ‘expensive’ overseas traffic either, most of my traffic stays within AU. Still, there are some 10Gb links going in…

  109. Awesome! I’m from Europe and today is my first day with Linode. I was going to go with Newark as I saw that you actually launched your London datacenter today! Now that’s service!

  110. That’s a fantastic news for us, European customers!

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  112. +1 in favour of a future expansion to Australia. You’ve got customers waiting for you here!

  113. Please let Germany be one of the next 🙂

  114. Odd as it may sound, a Canadian presence would be welcome too!

  115. Anotehr (late) vote for expansion into Oz!

  116. We also require a Canadian data center. (data centre?)

    Because we have several Canadian organization and government customers and prospects who refuse to have their data hosted in the US because of the Patriot Act.

    In the meantime, what would the latency be like using the London data centre from various places in Canada, do you think? Do you have any stats?

  117. I bought a linode because of this 🙂

  118. This is fantastic news. At the company I work for, we’ve been struggling to find a decent VPS hosting provider based in the UK for a while now. I cannot tell you how much this is like music to my ears =D

  119. We would also love to see linode in Australia however Tokyo has been a great improvement for us, which is awesome!

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