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Linode Dos años de aniversario y actualización de la situación

Estimados miembros de,

Hoy, 16 de junio de 2005, es el segundo aniversario de Este último año ha sido muy exitoso: las suscripciones a Linode y el número de anfitriones en línea se han duplicado desde el año pasado por estas fechas. He contratado al primer empleado de Linode. Hemos seguido mejorando el servicio que ofrecemos.

A continuación le ofrecemos una idea de lo que tenemos planeado para el próximo año:

[b]El traslado a Xen[/b]

[url=]Xen[/url] es una tecnología que permite particionar un único sistema en múltiples dominios, o sistemas operativos invitados. Los sistemas operativos invitados bajo Xen no están restringidos a Linux, aunque para nuestro propósito nos centraremos inicialmente en proporcionar Linux. La principal ventaja sobre UML desde la perspectiva del usuario final es el rendimiento. Xen se ejecuta a una velocidad casi nativa, mientras que UML puede incurrir en una sobrecarga práctica del 50-100%.

Ya hemos implementado el soporte para Xen en el [url=]LPM[/url], ahora es un juego de espera mientras algunas características requeridas, al menos para nosotros, se codifican en Xen (soporte PAE).

[b]Infraestructura de almacenamiento compartido[/b]

Actualmente, cada host tiene discos duros que contienen los sistemas de archivos Linode para ese host. Como es evidente, los discos duros pueden fallar, causando problemas para ese host específico. Esto también limita la cantidad de espacio en disco que podemos ofrecer a todos los planes porque la cantidad de espacio en cada host es fija.

Los objetivos de pasar a una infraestructura de almacenamiento en red son liberarnos de la limitación de espacio y proporcionar una configuración redundante y a prueba de fallos para eliminar los problemas que surgen cuando los discos fallan.

[b]Xen + Almacenamiento compartido = Migraciones en vivo[/b]

El uso conjunto de Xen y el almacenamiento compartido significa que podemos "Migrar en vivo", o mover Linodes basados en Xen a través de diferentes hosts mientras todavía están funcionando, completamente invisible para el usuario final. Esto podría ser útil para el equilibrio de carga en tiempo real de Linodes a través de diferentes hosts, o para mover Linodes a otro conjunto de hosts mientras un host específico en el clúster tiene mantenimiento realizado. Cosas geniales.

- —

Espero que esto le dé una buena idea de lo que está por venir. Linode .com se compromete a proporcionar la mejor plataforma de servidores virtuales disponible. Así que, en nombre de, quería expresar mi gratitud por sus negocios, sugerencias y contribuciones a la comunidad de Linode .

Christopher S. Aker

Comentarios (27)

  1. Author Photo

    I’ve been here almost the whole time, since July 2003. It’s been amazing watching Linode grow from just a handful of hosts to the dozens and dozens there are now. It was a fantastic service then, and somewhat unbelievably, it’s gotten better and better ever since.

    My favorite was 1GB HDD -> 2GB HDD -> 3GB HDD. As soon as I’d get close to running out of space, there’d be more! Free!

    Caker, the plans you’ve outlined for the upcoming year are very exciting. Thanks for making Linode the perfect tool for so many uses.

  2. Author Photo

    This is the best hosting company I have ever partnered with, hands down.

    Well done Caker. 😆 😆 😆


  3. Author Photo

    First and foremost, Happy birthdaaay!!! Where’s the party?

    I’ve been with Linode since april 2004 and I don’t remember being sorry throughout my time here. Excelent job! 😉

    I am too eagerly awaiting the new changes!

  4. Author Photo

    Bravo! Congratulations caker (and mikegrb).

    /me passes champagne around

    Xen is an exciting thing, even now while it’s still maturing. I’m very much looking forward to Linode migrating to it.

  5. Author Photo

    Ive only been here for about 3 months. But man I tell you what this is by far the best service ever. Since I have been with you guys I have signed up with other companies just to see how they compare with linode so I can post reviews on my blogg and make people aware about how crappy they are. And let me tell you Linode is the best and hopefully always will be, Dont stray away from here guys, you will be missing out on something spectacular.

  6. Author Photo

    Congrats! Two years strong and many more to come. 8)

    I cant wait for the Migration, Xen has already proved itself to be a powerful OS Virtulization kernel, and I think the transition will be welcomed here.

  7. Author Photo


    I’ve been here since August 2003. I’m especially happy that Linode was able to, after much work on their part, eliminate the load spike problem which had been plagueing early linodes. My Linode has been humming along so smoothly for months and months now that I hardly even bother to check my munin graphs for problems anymore. Great Linode performance and support is making my system administration skills rusty, and that’s a good thing!

    My only request for the future is to add more disk space, and more memory if possible, to the plans. I’m approaching 90% full on my filesystem and so far Linode has saved the day by adding more disk space to the plans right when I needed it, but it’s getting close to that time again!

  8. Author Photo

    It’s been an amazing and wonderful two years.

    /me raises his glass

    Here’s to another two!

  9. Author Photo

    Yeah, I fully love everything about Linode, and the UML system has been perfect for what I needed. If Xen is gonna be even better, you’ll have a fully satisfied customer for a long time.


    P.S.: The best part is the honesty of caker and mike, and I’ve learned a bunch and been able to teach in the IRC channel which has been a great resource. I also feel that I can help mike and caker out at times with answering questions when their time could be better suited at keeping this great service working well.

  10. Author Photo

    I love this service. I’ve been here 18 months and it keeps getting better. Happy birthday and thank you.

  11. Author Photo

    And since I’m an alcoholic, and I’m always looking for a reason to celebrate…



  12. Author Photo

    Wow, how the time flies! I’ve been here since almost the beginning (my billing history starts exactly two years ago today), and I’ve been quite happy with the service. I’m looking forward to Xen – it looks very promising. At home I now have a FC4 system that includes Xen, and it’s looking like it can do quite a lot.

  13. Author Photo

    Congratulations! You deserve it Caker.

  14. Author Photo

    Been here since August 2003 and only had a couple of problems in all that time which is amazingly good.

    Cheers to caker! 😆

  15. Author Photo

    Just checked my billing history goes back to October 2003… not far from being with linode 2 years myself cant believe its been that long already…

  16. Author Photo

    I joined early & have been a happy customer of linode ever since. Service over the past two years has been excellent and response time from Australia is good.

  17. Author Photo

    Dear Caker,
    On this year annyversary, i hope we will get a apecial discount from linode, it will make us more royal to linode 🙂

    i am joining linode start from August,2005
    This month is my shell anniversary


  18. Author Photo

    How about -5%? I mean, with the great customer support, fast response times, and just plain cool having a root account I think a -5% discount is a good idea!

  19. Author Photo

    Linode is already a great deal, and you’re only talking about $1/month for those of us on Linode64. I think I’d rather continue to get disk space and bandwidth bumps, as well as more work on Xen, than save $1/month.

  20. Author Photo

    I said *negative* 5%. I was trying to be a smart arse.

  21. Author Photo

    [quote:e15fb37226=”harleypig”]I said *negative* 5%. I was trying to be a smart arse.[/quote]

    Oh. My bad! Went right over my head.

  22. Author Photo

    i don’t think so if more diskspace will give us more benefit, maybe caker should give a special reward for a royal customer like discount 10 % or etc for monthly payment, this is just my opinion


  23. Author Photo

    What members of which royal families have accounts on Linode? I’m curious. I didn’t even think about the possibility of royals being geeks.

  24. Author Photo

    I dont think he meant he’s part of a royal family … after all, wouldn’t that be a bit messed up? royal family members asking for 5-10% discount (not to say linode prices are < $100) 😛

  25. Author Photo

    Okay, bad jokes are flying left and right. If you’re lucky, they go right over your head.

    I think it’s time to declare the two year anniversary thread officialy finished…

  26. Author Photo

    DUCK! It’s a pun!

  27. Author Photo

    A bit late, but, congrats! 🙂

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