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Nuevo Sitio de la Comunidad Linode


Nos complace anunciar el nuevo sitio de preguntas de la comunidadLinode .

Es un lugar estupendo para hacer preguntas, compartir ideas y conocimientos, hablar de Linode, Linux, la nube y todo lo demás del ecosistema de Linode con compañeros y miembros del equipo de Linode . Podrás iniciar conversaciones, obtener ayuda, dar consejos y ofrecer soluciones.

Los entornos comunitarios mejoran cuanto más gente los utiliza. Esperamos que se convierta en un gran recurso para todos.

También hay un nuevo perfil de usuario de la comunidad que actualmente muestra tus preguntas y tu actividad de respuesta. Con el tiempo, tu perfil incluirá otras interacciones, como tus comentarios en las guías de Linode y las cosas que has marcado con una estrella. Hemos dado prioridad a las funciones centradas en la comunidad y el equipo en el diseño de las próximas cosas.

En las próximas semanas, el foro de la comunidad phpBB dejará de funcionar. No te preocupes, migraremos todos los 15 años de mensajes (¡!) a la nueva Comunidad Linode , y podrás recuperar fácilmente tu antiguo usuario del foro y tus mensajes.

Muchas gracias por su participación a lo largo de los años. Ustedes son, literalmente, la comunidad y la han convertido en lo que es.

Agradecemos todos los comentarios que nos ayuden a mejorar la Comunidad Linode y hacerla más útil y agradable. Gracias.

Comentarios (15)

  1. Author Photo

    Looks great so far. Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

    – Add a rating system – voting for the best answer and likes/dislikes
    – Ability to choose a “Best answer”
    – Some sort of mark that indicates a solved/answered questions. A check mark or a “Solved” tag
    – A filter to only show questions that haven’t been Solved yet and questions with no replies.

    I know it’s still new so you’re probably already planning some of these features.

  2. Christopher Aker

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Author Photo

    1. I take this was easier than migrating to phpBB 3.2 and integrating the Prosilver style to make it mobile friendly?
    2. Will “legacy” links be maintained using a redirect system or will bookmarks need to be changed?
    3. Do you plan on making the phpBB read-only prior to moving the data so no posts get lost?

  4. Author Photo

    Hi could you clarify if the login for new forums is our linode username or we create a new username ? do we expose our linode manager username when logging into the forums ?

  5. Christopher Aker

    @William No posts will be lost when we perform the final transition over. We’re still not sure we’ll have a read-only period or if we’ll perform multiple merging imports. As for links, we hope to have a redirects in place issuing 301s for a while, but I can’t commit to that just yet…

    @GeorgeL – the new community stuff is “single sign on” using your Linode account credentials. On first access to the community site, you’re asked to choose a “Display Name” for use on the public areas, in the case you don’t want to expose your Linode username… You’ll be able to change it in My Profile soon (it’s not there yet).

  6. Author Photo

    Thanks @caker for clarification 🙂

  7. Author Photo

    I’m confused – is that list really meant to substitute for the forum? As it looks right now it can’t possibly scale to that *at all*. It’s just a list of Q/A.

  8. Author Photo

    Hey Tor. The Linode Community page is intended to replace the forums. Pretty soon Linode users will be able to claim their forum posts to be moved over to the new community page. This is an ever evolving page and the Community page you see now is not going to be the final version. As it grows we are confident it will effectively replace our forums.

    I hope this helps ease those fears a little.


  9. Author Photo

    I have personally moved my forum two times, using 301 to preserve bookmarks, however in my case it was a simple task as the software stayed the same, thus I could just 301 at the http server level.
    I am guessing you will have to do some sort of database queries if you manage to pull off your transition and support 301 redirect?

  10. Author Photo

    Out of curiosity, is this community system also based around Hugo, or you’re using a custom service as the base for it?

  11. Author Photo

    @kuteninja, The Community Questions site is a custom Python Django application.

  12. Author Photo

    What you say doesn’t match what we observe, and what Howie just said about the Community Questions site – a custom Python Django application.
    What you are doing is *removing* the forum and moving to a much more simplistic Q/A list. It is not a forum (with discussions, information trading etc.). Why not say so?
    The part about moving forum posts to the community site doesn’t make sense other than for question type posts/answers. Unless you transform the community site to a forum, which I bet you are not planning to do – otherwise you wouldn’t have started it as a Q/A list.

  13. Author Photo

    – addendum: Or are you actually planning to add a forum *in addition* to the Q/A list?

  14. Christopher Aker

    We hope to achieve both use cases with the new site, as it develops. Thanks.

  15. Author Photo

    Excluding those on legacy plans from logging into the new site effectively cuts us off from doing anything but reading the site, effectively removing community support…

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