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BlogLinodeEspacio de almacenamiento duplicado!

Espacio de almacenamiento duplicado!


Estamos excepcionalmente contentos de anunciar que estamos duplicando el espacio de almacenamiento en todos nuestros planes, disponible inmediatamente para los clientes nuevos y existentes. Linode ha implementado importantes actualizaciones en otros recursos recientemente: 8 núcleos y nuevos procesadores, un aumento del doble de RAM, y la nueva red redundante y rápida. Esta actualización es una acción más en ese espíritu: daros a vosotros, nuestros clientes, más valor sin aumentar el precio. Así es. Estamos duplicando su espacio en disco sin coste adicional!

La nueva línea Linode :

  • Linode El espacio en disco de 1GB se ha incrementado de 24GB a 48GB
  • Linode 2GB de 48GB a 96GB
  • Linode 4GB de 96GB a 192GB
  • Linode 8GB de 192GB a 384GB
  • Linode 16GB de 384GB a 768GB
  • Linode 32GB de 768GB a 1,5TB
  • Linode 40GB de 960GB a 1.875TB

Cómo actualizar

upgrade-availPara obtener la actualización de su actual Linode, sólo tiene que entrar en el Gestor de Linode y ver el panel de control de su Linode, donde tendrá un nuevo cuadro de "Actualización disponible" en el lado derecho. Dependiendo de la capacidad libre de su Linode's host, el proceso de actualización puede implicar la migración de su Linode a otro host. Esto se indicará en la página de actualización.

Después de recibir la actualización de recursos, puede utilizar el nuevo espacio cambiando el tamaño de sus imágenes de disco existentes o creando nuevas imágenes y adjuntándolas a su perfil de configuración.

Apreciamos mucho su negocio y nos complace poder mejorar continuamente nuestros servicios. Gracias, y que lo disfruten.

Comentarios (83)

  1. Author Photo

    That’s a pretty impressive upgrade… are costs coming down or is competition going up?


  2. Author Photo

    Unbelievable – thanks for yet *another* amazing and free update. It’s very much appreciated!

    Cheers indeed! 🙂

  3. Author Photo

    This is great news! I love these upgrade notices – I just upgraded five Linodes without a problem.

    BTW, your Recent News section on the front page of hasn’t updated since May. Don’t know if that is intentional or not, but something like this surely deserves some bragging 🙂

  4. Author Photo

    And its time to reboot Linode again! 😀

  5. Author Photo

    20:35:27 up 1001 days, 21:35, 9 users, load average: 1.86, 0.92, 0.50

    …yeah, stop tempting me.

  6. Author Photo
  7. Author Photo

    impressive uptime…. and I’m sorry 🙂

  8. Author Photo
  9. Author Photo

    Just when I thought I would need more space! Thanks LINODE!

  10. Author Photo

    Been waiting for it … kudos!

  11. Author Photo

    Thanks. Great update yet again 🙂

  12. Author Photo

    Thx… Would still love some SSD cache Acceleration soon.

  13. Author Photo
  14. Author Photo


    Thank you so much! \o/

  15. Author Photo

    Great… You are always awesome.. Thanks a lot 🙂

  16. Author Photo

    @Znuff, sorry for you man, you must be running a grossly under-resourced instance i guess.

  17. Author Photo

    Linode just keeps getting better!

  18. Author Photo
  19. Author Photo

    @Anurag: well, it’s been fine ever since I got it, my requirements haven’t changed, so it’s still performing “like brand new”. Planning on an upgrade, but now I’m not sure if I should wait until Ubuntu LTS 14.04 or upgrade to 12.04 🙂

  20. Author Photo

    You guys are the best!!

    Simply amazing yet another time.

    Love you people <3

  21. Author Photo

    I owe Linode lots of nights of peaceful sysadmin sleep…

    Thank you!

  22. Author Photo

    Thank you, you guys rock 🙂

  23. Author Photo

    Awesome! Not many things get better without a price hike. It’s nice to see Linode breaking this mold.

  24. Author Photo

    İncredible, thank you.

  25. Author Photo

    An Early System Admin appreciation day gift?

  26. Author Photo
  27. Author Photo

    thanks so much!

  28. Author Photo

    Lets go! Linode you rock!

  29. Author Photo
  30. Author Photo
  31. Author Photo

    WOW! Thats amazing, my linode space was nearly full. Thanks alot !

  32. Author Photo

    I was doing some price comparisons a while back and while Linode was still cheaper I was considering moving somewhere with more space.

    The recent upgrades have satisfied me. Keep up the good work Linode.

  33. Author Photo

    Thank you guys. You rock!!!

  34. Author Photo

    Best. Hosting. Ever. I love you guys.

  35. Author Photo

    Very well played Linode! Odd numbers to upgrade to.. (my OCD is killing me) but I’ll never turn down a free upgrade 😀

  36. Author Photo
  37. Author Photo

    I was actually getting online to cancel my Linode account. Not because I’m not happy or I plan on going anywhere else, but because I couldn’t justify the expense and just wanted to save some money.

    This increase got me to stay. Very well done.

  38. Author Photo

    Great, great, great, so much great!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Author Photo

    You are the Best Hosting Provider I have ever seen.

  40. Author Photo

    Oh wow, that’s fantastic. Thanks very much!

  41. Author Photo
  42. Author Photo

    Linode Power! Thanks friends.

  43. Author Photo

    Just upgraded my space :). Simply Excellent.

  44. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode! Just as I started to run my own cloud and storage space got a bit tight 😉 Upgrade was fast and easy as always. You guys are the best!

  45. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode. Nice little surprises like are one of the reasons I stick with you. Oh, and the rock solid servers & support.
    PS: A data centre in Australia would be nice addition one day 🙂

  46. Author Photo

    This is awesome! Although I need to start over from my 66 days uptime…

  47. Author Photo

    Wow… after years and years and years of upgrades they still keep coming!

    Thanks, Linode. You truly are a one-of-a-kind company.

  48. Author Photo
  49. Author Photo

    Thank you very much. You were the best, now you are even better 🙂

  50. Author Photo

    Love this upgrade 🙂 Will update my server asap 😀

    use linode for one of my database server.

  51. Author Photo

    Excellent !!!!

  52. Author Photo

    Hi Linode

    Thanks! Appreciated..

    Just a tiny suggestion, do you plan to offer flexible storage soon, similar to AWS S3?

    As we may needs small instance for our blog/web site, but a bigger storage to store the multimedia file


  53. Author Photo

    Thanks for a fantastic service.

  54. Author Photo

    Am i thinking of a different provider or did linode start accepting btc recently? I dont see any mention of it so i geuss it was another provider. Am i missing something? Thx

  55. Author Photo

    You should change your name to Amazing Linode.

    Thanks for another free upgrade.

  56. Author Photo
  57. Author Photo

    Totally fantastic, thanks Linode 🙂

  58. Author Photo

    Unbelievable!!!thanks linode!

  59. Author Photo

    I have horrible uptime with Linode…. 🙂

  60. Author Photo
  61. Author Photo

    Wow! Looks like I’ll be able to move back to Linode again now…hooray 🙂

  62. Author Photo

    Great news! Why don’t you notify us by email when you upgrade our accounts like this?

  63. Author Photo

    Actually after all these upgrades, I feel my Linode is not as healthy as before. The main problem is the CPU contention/steal/priority thing. “top” command often show high %st and CPU speed becomes much slower than the old L5520 host. Even when the host load is “idle”.

    I searched Linode forums and Google, that’s a problem many people suffered from recently. (There are many this kind of posts in Linode forums: )

    It almost killed my websites twice and Linode support kindly migrated my Linode to another host. But after a few weeks the performance is worse again, though not the worst yet.

    I hope this is just a bug in the CPU allocation program and could be fixed soon. (as Linode support told me.) But maybe it’s really a big mistake to increase to 8 cores when the resource is not sufficient.

    This issue should be taken seriously. Former users love Linode don’t because Linode is cheap in memory/disk/bandwidth, but because Linode once had good stable performance.

  64. Author Photo

    @Mukdip — I had exactly the same problems as you describe. Much higher steal % and load when I migrated from former 1GB plan to 2GB and new host with new CPU. After trying all kinds of things on my end, the only thing that fixed it was upgrading to the 3TB plan.

  65. Author Photo

    Great work linode, a satisfied customer though I hate reading about upgrades causing performance issues as commented by other users.

    Paul 🙂

  66. Author Photo

    It’s absolutely another NextGen! Thank you very much!

  67. Author Photo

    Will be coming back to Linode after reading this!
    Just one thing to point out.
    While I’m sure that their are customers who have had poor host CPU performance, it’s obviously not an issue that’s hitting everybody. Most of the comments I’ve seen lately on the recent Linode blog posts have been happyness all round.
    Well, count me in Linode, I’m coming back!
    Power to virtualization!

  68. Author Photo

    Oh, and I’m sure that Linode is doing all they can to help you folks who have been having these issues. Chears to your tech support staff,too!

  69. Author Photo

    Very impressive. Linode continues to lead the way. I always recommend Linode to all my friends in India over AWS and other services.

    I do hope you guys address the issue raised by mudkip and others.

  70. Author Photo

    Truly awesome. Thanks guys. This and the quality of service & products is why you’re my number one choice.

  71. Author Photo

    Thanks for the freebie!

  72. Author Photo


    I too have same feeling … my old 512MB, 20GB was rock solid, and the performance was amazing.

    After new cpu/memory upgrade , my db reports showing noticable lag …


  73. Linode Double the Storage space for Free…

    Yes, it is true. Even looks like too good to be true. Linode announced Storage Space Doubled! The new Linode……

  74. Author Photo

    Dang. I was actually considering a disk space upgrade. Thanks!

  75. Author Photo

    I’ve had linode for under a year and in that time they’ve doubled RAM, storage space, and given me 100x the bandwidth. Unprecedented.

  76. Author Photo

    i just wonder i have not enought space to use!this is crazy great!! thx!

  77. Author Photo

    IMO, I’d say give them time. I’ve had a node or nodes for a number of years now, and Linode has consistently put quality over quantity, so to speak. I don’t think I can remember a single time I’ve had a problem where Linode was at fault, and they were not both gracious with credits and quick to solve the problem.

    Everyone knows the risks associated with change in a production environment. That’s what redundancy and backup plans are for. Of course, I don’t have any production level services on an effected linode right now, but I can certainly sympathize. With Linode it’s always been a matter of trust and understanding, and the notion that these particular geeks are interested in advancement only through integrity and respect, unlike most. We’ll see.

  78. Author Photo

    Whoop whoop, thanks 🙂

  79. Author Photo

    So this was the last bit in the puzzle making me able to move my 30gb from dreamhost to linode. And what a journey it have been. Should have done this LOOOOONG time ago ! 🙂

  80. Author Photo

    Thanks linode. I was skeptical at begining as we passed trough some VPS providers that are expensive yet the services are well bellow. Keep up the good work and customers happy as you managed to do so well up till now.

  81. Author Photo

    I know this is an old post, but it seems that in 2 years things have gone backwards (at least for new customers anyway.)

    The current Linode lineup is now:

    Linode 1GB – 24GB
    Linode 2GB – 48GB
    Linode 4GB – 96GB
    Linode 8GB – 192GB
    Linode 16GB – 384GB

    etc. I.e. the additional 50% disk space has been removed back to what it was before. Looks like it wasn’t sustainable.

    I also can’t see anyway to purchase additional storage space without upgrading the entire node – I don’t want any more CPU or RAM, but I do need some more disk space (192GB on the Linode 4GB as announced in this post would have suited me fine.)

  82. Author Photo

    Just been reading more on your blog Linode, and didn’t realise the Linode “Cloud” and SSDs didn’t exist when this was written – so although the storage space has halved, it’s now running on SSDs – which is understandable why the additional space wasn’t sustainable.

  83. Christopher Aker

    Andy: Since this post, RAM has also doubled. That Linode 1GB that came with 48GB used to cost $20. Now the $20 plan comes with 2GB of RAM. So, storage hasn’t halved, prices have 🙂

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